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  2. Inscription on Jenova's Helmet
  3. The Yellow Orb
  4. Buried in the Programming
  5. The Ancients' Cave
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Aeris Gainsborough - Martyr of Final Fantasy VII

Aeris Returns?
There are many mysteries surrounding the martyr of FFVII-- too many, in fact. Was Aeris originally meant to resurrect? Is she revivable in the Japanese version? What do people mean when they say she's visible in the Midgar Church? The answers, and more, can be found below.


  1. Can Aeris be resurrected?
    The answer to the most popular question of all time.

  2. Can Aeris return in the Japanese version?
    Rumours abound of Aeris' revival in the Japanese version of FFVII. Is it true?

  3. Ghost in the Church
    A 'ghost' of Aeris can be seen in the Midgar Church after Disc 1, with a screenshot to prove it.

  4. Aeris and the Loveless Play
    An overlooked connection exists between Aeris' death and the fabled play.

  5. Aeris Sightings
    Sightings of Aeris have been reported after her death.

  6. Variations of Aeris' Name
    Discover the different names attributed to the 'Flower Girl'.

  7. Aeris Letters
    A couple of letters, originating from Japan, may shed some light on this Aeris issue. Credit goes out to Rusalka and Yuu Miyoshi.

  8. Relation Between FFVII and FFT
    Does Final Fantasy Tactics contain the unexpected conclusion to Aeris' death?

  9. What We Shouldn't Have Seen
    Screenshots of Aeris speaking a unique piece of dialogue after her death confirm events in the article Playing Aeris... Even after She's Dead.

  10. What We Shouldn't Have Seen II
    A 'hidden' area in the Northern Cave has been discovered, proving something is seriously amiss.

  11. What We Shouldn't Have Seen III
    A continuation of What We Shouldn't Have Seen II. Site contributor The Jinx makes a startling discovery on the identity of the 'Great Cave'.

  12. What We Shouldn't Have Seen IV
    Site contributor IanGM comes to a surprising, yet logical, conclusion about the findings detailed in the previous "What We Shouldn't Have Seen" articles.


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