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When Aeris dies at the end of Disc 1, is this the last we see of her? Apparently not... as you'll soon read. Scattered throughout Disc 2 and 3 are images of Aeris. If you spot any image of Aeris after Disc 1, whether it be in a FMV sequence or not, please e-mail your sighting to us. Screenshots would be very much appreciated. And no, she doesn't have to be alive.

The Citadel currently knows of a total of six Aeris sightings within FFVII. However, more post-death sightings of Aeris may still be found.

Sighting #1 - Disk Change Screen
Aeris Sighting #1 An image of Aeris can be seen when you swap discs after Aeris dies. When you are prompted to change a disc, a random image will be shown. One of those images show Aeris staring at the Highwind.

Credit goes out to M. Baldwin who made the original discovery.

Sighting #2 - Aeris' Funeral
Aeris Sighting #2 This second sighting is a technicality. When we see Aeris being dropped in the tranquil water of the Ancient City, strictly speaking, we see an image of Aeris after her death.

Marc Pick is credited for making this original sighting.

Sighting #3 - Ghost in the Church
Aeris Sighting #3 Aeris can also be seen via her infamous 'ghost' in the Midgar Church.

Sighting #4 - Bugenhagen in the Ancient City
Aeris Sighting #4 During Disc 2, Cloud and Bugenhagen visit the Ancient City. While there, Bugenhagen replays Aeris' death inside a crystal. We can see Aeris there, dying (again). This constitutes the fourth sighting of Aeris.

Sighting #5 - The Ending FMV
Aeris Sighting #5 During the ending FMV, Aeris' hand and finally her face can be seen for a few moments. This is the last time we see Aeris in the entire game.

Sighting #6 - G-Bike Game
Aeris Sighting #6 Aeris can be seen in the G-Bike game at the Gold Saucer. When playing the game, glance at the person driving the utility truck. It is Aeris.


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