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FFVII-Themed Games - Homebrew games made by FFVII fans. Click on the links for descriptions.

Chocobo Raining by Ben r. w. Hen
Dungeon Master by Ambigore
FFVII Angband by Ambigore
FFVII Archon by Ambigore
FFVII Tetris by Ambigore
Final Fantasy Q by Mercury05
FFVII: The Dark Cloud by Denis (outside link)
FFVII Mastermind by Daniel Shorten

FFVII PC Patches

Running FFVII under newer versions of Windows can be a nightmare. What follows are patches that can solve the most common issues.

Please Note: Additional issues may exist for specific video cards and/or system configurations. For further information, you may want to visit this page at NT
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (outside link)

Will enable your system to run programs in compatibility modes for older versions of Windows. "Windows 95" or "Windows 98" compatibility mode is recommended for FFVII.

An official patch from Eidos. If you're having trouble with FMV playback, this patch may help.

An official patch from Eidos France. Updates the video codec for the FMVs.
Chocobo Patch - by Qhimm and jedwin

An unofficial patch that will prevent the game from crashing during the Chocobo Races.

Save Files

Gold Saucer Dates - The dates with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret, in all their glory. For use with the PC version of FFVII.

Hacks and Utilities | for additional files, we recommend Qhimm and Ficedula's Homepage

Jenova - by Qhimm

A powerful and easy-to-use save game editor. Customise your party to any extent possible and smash the game to bits. For use with the PC version of FF7.
Sephiroth Patch - by Teknoman Midnight

Ever wondered what FF7 would be like with Sephiroth as the main character instead of Cloud? Install this patch and find out! For use with the PC version of FF7.
PSX Play

A shareware utility allowing you to view FMVs from PlayStation disks on your PC. The program is somewhat buggy and slow, so download at your own risk.

Ringtones - by ChibiTaryn

All ringtones are available in RTTTL/Nokring, Nokia Composer, and Keypress format. Some tones are also available in Motorola, iMelody, and Ericsson format. Please refer to your phone manual for instructions on installing ringtones.

Instructions for Composers | ChibiTaryn's Ringtone Guide | Coding Workshop Ringtone Converter


FFVII Main Theme #1
Victory Fanfare
Chocobo Theme
Aerith's Theme
Cosmo Canyon
Tifa's Theme
Final Fantasy Theme (Pray)
Cid's Theme
FFVII Main Theme #2
Boss Battle Theme
Polyphonic Ringtones - Ringtunes + Message Tones

Aerith's Theme
Prelude (Crystal Theme)
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony
Good Night
Game Over

Wallpapers | AC - Advent Children

"Elegance" (Aeris)
By Desibabu3000 (800 x 600)

"Cry of the Planet" (the cast)
By Desibabu3000 (800 x 600)
"Revenge" (AC; Cloud and Tifa)
By Mum (1024 x 768)

"Promise" (AC; Cloud and Tifa)
By Mum (1024 x 768)
"Mission" (AC; Red XIII)
By Reeve (1024 x 768)

Winamp Skins

FFVII Citadel by WuZMoT (40 KB)
Tifa Lockheart by WuZMoT (119 KB)
Aeris Gainsborough by Archangel (284 KB)

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