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The following instructions explain how to enter codes into your Composer on your mobile phone.

Nokia Composer Format

Depending on the Nokia handset you own, you will need to locate your "Composer" feature. It is under Tones on most models.

Enter notes a - g by pressing keys 1 - 7 i.e.
1 = c
2 = d
3 = e
4 = f
5 = g
6 = a
7 = b

Decrease by pressing 8
Increase by pressing 9
Duration steps from 1 to 32 (32 shortest, 1 longest - 1 second)

Press * to cycle through all three octaves

Add a pause by pressing 0. You can increase or decrease the pause using keys 8 and 9 as usual.

Sharp (Slighter higher tone)
To use a sharp press the hash (#) key. A # symbol appears next to the note.

Dotted Note
To create a dotted note (a note with a short pause) press the note-key (1-7) and hold for a second. A . will appear next to the note.

Nokia Keypress Format

Locate Composer and simply press the keys in the order set out in the "Keypress" sections of each page. If it is in brackets, you need to hold down that number or key until handset beeps.

Ericsson Composer (Recent Models)

You will need to go to the "My Melodies" section of your phone, and enter in the instructions as laid out on the page.

iMelody Format

iMelody is a phone format that can be used for Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel and Motorola phones. You will need to refer to your phone manual about how to send iMelody tones to your phone, or find out if your phone is supported. iMelody files are downloadable, but we can't send them to your phone.

Ericsson Composer (Older Models)

Locate your phone's Composer feature and simply keypress the sequence laid out in the page. (Ignore the spaces)

Nokia Phones without Composers

Nokia Phones without Composers need to have the ringtone sent to them. This can be done from your computer if you have either Infared, Bluetooth or a special phone cable, but you will need special software to send the ringtone. Alternatively, there is a format called "Nokia Binary" or "SMS format". If you need a ringtone in SMS/Nokia Binary format, I recommend purchasing ringtone conversion software from Coding Workshop and following the instructions.

Polyphonic Ringtones

Refer to your phone manual for information on installng Polyphonic Ringtones to your handset, as there are many ways of installing Polyphonic Ringtones. If your phone has 3G support, you may be able to download and install directly from this website.

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