Shinra Times

This small project serves as a mini-newspaper providing info on events in the FFVII world. It's just for a bit of fun. If you'd like to make an entertaining article, feel free to send it to us. Screenshots and images to accompany your article would be very much appreciated, but not required.

Due to the unique formatting of the Shinra Times, these pages may not display correctly on certain monitors.

Issue #1 - Headline: Evil Terrorists Strike by Ambigore

Issue #2 - Headline: How Will the World End? by Ambigore

Issue #3 - Headline: Shinra Corp. Withdraws Stockholders' Right to Vote by Ambigore

Issue #4 - Headline: President Shinra in Wall Market Scandal by Scud

Issue #5 - Headline: Hojo Quits by Scud

Issue #6 - Headline: Shock in Midgar as Tiny Bronco is Revived! by Peter Wilson

Issue #7 - Headline: Turks Traded for Gummy Bears! by Empy Claw


SPOILERS are afoot on this page. Beginners are urged to turn back.


Submission status: OPEN

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