Issue 5
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5 Gils

Hojo Quits
Another big name walks out on Midgar and Shinra

By Scud

PROFESSOR Hojo, Mako pioneer and the world's leading geneticist has shocked Shinra Inc. and the world by resigning his post as Head of Scientific Research and leaving Midgar.
  The Professor, who brought the world the wonders of Mako and Magic, has not been seen since he left Shinra Headquarters, yesterday. In an emergency Press Conference, President Rufus Shinra announced that Hojo has not 'officially resigned' but needless to say we won't see him for a while...
  As well as being one of the key figures in Mako Power Development and Materia production, Hojo has also been involved in Weapon Design and has played a significant part in the training of SOLDIER troops.
  The Scientific Community fears Hojo's absence will result in a massive drop in the Scientific Research Budget.
  On a lighter note, Hojo had also been voted best- looking Shinra employee for the last five years. One of those disappointed women said to the Shinra Times 'it's not so bad... as long as Rufus is President!
  The Professor is just one of the many people who have left Midgar, indefinitely. Recent leavers include Don Corneo (whose club, 'The Honey Bee Inn' was raided by Shinra Troops recently) and Reeve (Head of Midgar Urban Development). Many feel people want to escape Midgar, due to the recent violent actions that have occurred during the Avalanche attacks.
  Panic has rised due to concerns of what would happen to the world without Shinra. Rumours circulating include that President Shinra's death has produced this disturbing after-effect and period of uncertainty.
  It may be a while before we again see the 'private' professor, until then the Scientific Community is left looking for a suitable replacement. And unless the famous Professor Gast comes out of his 24 years of hiding, Science will be stuck in Limbo for a very long time.

The Shinra Corporation, is it dissolving?
Travellers Warned

  Midgar and Kalm residents have been warned by Chocobo Farm inhabitants not to travel to Junon on foot. The reason for this is a 30ft tall snake dubbed the 'Midgar Zolom', a huge, fierce species of snake that frequents the marshes that stand between Junon and the Mythril Mines.
  The reports have angered and disappointed would-be adventurers who plan on walking to Junon.
  Following complaints, Shinra has promised that air transport will be available. Helicopter fares stand at 500 gil, a small amount for most Midgar dwellers.
  However, a number of people in the Sector 4 slums have decided to make the journey anyway, claiming that Shinra Inc. has thought up the 'Zolom' so their 'air transport scheme' will be more profitable. Thankfully, Chocobo Farmer and Breeder William Boco (known as 'Choco Billy') has agreed to loan his current batch of Chocobos to the travellers so they are not at risk from the mysterious and mythical Zolom.

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