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Shock in Midgar as Tiny Bronco is Revived!

      There was shock in Midgar today as experts from the Shinra Aquatics Department hauled up the wreckage of The Tiny Bronco, pictured above.       The owner, Cid Highwind, formerly of the Shinra Space Development Agency, said he was thrilled at the unexpected arrival of his "Queen of the Skies" and had thought he would never to see it again after its sudden disappearance during his visit to The Lost City, near Bone Village. In an exclusive interview for the Shinra Times, he said,       "I was so traumatised after the loss of my good friend Aeris Gainsborough, that I had forgotten all about my lovely plane which had gone missing all of a sudden."    
    The missing plane was accidentally discovered whilst Yoshiguki Xanimusta, Chief Underwater Technician, was trying to prepare a preliminary missile to fire at the Emerald Weapon. He sent out one of his men to check out a large metal object that had shown up on a scan of the sea bed and the man reported back saying he had found a plane.
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Choco Billy Broken!

    In other news today, Choco Billy, of the Chocobo Farm had his leg brutally ripped off by his prize racing chocobo, Chocky, yesterday. Chocky, an excellent S-Class Black Chocobo from Mideel charged at Choco Billy when he accidentally gave him the wrong greens for his supper.    
    Choco Billy is currently being treated for "Unexpected leg loss" at the Midgar General Infirmary. His condition is "stable"(!).
    Midgar Motor Group have had to reclaim over 1,000 Taxis, vans and minibuses from all over Midgar and Junon. The reason behind all this is a simple spelling mistake on the side of the vans. Kalm Printing Presses Inc. who processed all the lettering on the sides of the vans misspelt Midgar and put an 'L' at the end. Logical explanations for this put it down to mistranslations from Japanese to English and in a statement issued earlier today, the president of the Midgar Motor Group was said to be "outraged".
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