Issue 3
The Shinra Times The Shinra Times
5 Gils

Shinra Corp. withdraws Stockholders' Right to Vote

The withdrawal of stockholders' voting rights should see the construction of more Mako reactors.

By F. Gehrig

IN a move to consolidate control of 
their operations, the Shinra 
Corporation has withdrawn the right 
to vote from stockholders owning 
less than 50% of the company. 
Small-time investors are 
mysteriously angry at this move, 
considering it would boost company 
  One minor stockholder, identified 
by Intelligence sources as Jorn 
Briggs, fumed at the decision. "Of
course I'm angry," stated Jorn. "As 	
a part-owner of the Shinra 
Corporation, I demand a say in how 
it operates. If I can't, I may as 
well sell my shares. Besides, I 	controlling the company, I'm sure
don't like the way the company is 	we'll see the construction of more 
heading. Tell Mr. Shinra he's a 	Mako reactors. This means more gil 
[censored]."				for everybody! I don't understand
  Despite the inconvenience this 	all this fuss. If I was Mayor, I'd
move has caused for 'mum and pop' 	force all these people to live under
stockholders, the Shinra Times 		the plate. They don't understand
hails this as is a wise decision. 	that Shinra knows best."
The majority of stockholders tend 	  The price of Shinra shares dropped
to be the outward-looking type that 	slightly yesterday, but has soared
find it difficult to understand the 	15% today. Wise investors are 
good intentions of the 			continuing their investment in 
corporation.				Shinra shares.
  We invited Rufus Shinra, the son 	  It has recently come to light that
of President Shinra, to comment on 	Jorn Briggs, lone dissenting 
this situation. "Daddy knows what's 	stockholder of the Shinra 
right," the good-looking prodigy 	Corporation, has affiliations with 
declared. "Anybody who disagrees 	terrorist organisation AVALANCHE. An 
with this can argue with my 		arrest warrant is currently out for 
double-barrel shotgun."			his capture. All citizens are 
  Supporting this view point is 	advised to contact Security if they 
Dr. Migg, respected capitalist and 	see this dangerous criminal. 
socialite of Midgar City. "With the 	Security personnel are ordered to 
executive board now directly  		shoot on sight.
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