Issue 1
The Shinra Times The Shinra Times
5 Gils

Evil Terrorists Strike

Reactor 1 was attacked last night by AVALANCHE

By F. Gehrig

AS loyal Shinra employees journeyed
home last night, cold-blooded 
terrorist group AVALANCHE struck
Mako Reactor 1 without warning or 
provocation. The results, as
expected, were catastrophic. With 
the damaged reactor offline, Midgar 
City's electrical grid was broken 
for a few hours. Injuries were also
reported in the thousands. However, 
thanks to the rapid response of 
local Shinra security forces, no 
deaths were acknowledged and all 
injured citizens were discharged 
from hospital by dawn.
  The effort to evacuate injured           While the human cost of this  
citizens from the devastated             cowardly attack by AVALANCHE is
reactor was led by one Sturm Frug,       neglible, the economic damage 
captain of the reactor security          amount to billions of gil in lost 
detachment. When pressed to make a       production. By order of the
comment, the modest Sturm managed        President, all Shinra employees are
to utter, "Sorry. Praise President       required to work four extra hours
Shinra."                                 next week to cover these losses. It 
  As a reward for his display of         must be reminded all public protests
gallantry, Captain Frug will be          will be recognised as disloyalty to
retired from duty and serve the          the company and we will not hesitate
Shinra Corporation in a more             to act.
productive manner as a member of           Sightings of AVALANCHE members 
the Scientific Division.                 should be reported immediatelly.
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