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Chocobo Raining by Ben rhymes with Hen | version 2.0 | download game (375 KB)

Screenshot In this delightful game by Ben rhymes with Hen, your mission is to catch sickengly-cute chocobos as they fall from the sky. This game can be thought of as a hybrid of Tetris and Arkanoid - you control a 'tray' at the bottom of the screen and must control it to catch the chocobos as they fall at ever increasing speeds.

Chocobo Raining is very recent, so unlike some other games held on this site, the sound and graphics are more up-to-date. If you'd like a blast of simple arcade action, please download this commendable effort by Ben.

Note: On 7/13/01, Chocobo Raining was updated to version 2.0.

Dungeon Master by Ambigore | download game (880 KB)
DOS mouse driver (60 KB) | saved game w/FF7 characters (32 KB)

ScreenshotDM is a realtime, 1st-person dungeon RPG. You are presented with the opportunity to lead a band of four adventurers into the dungeon of an evil wizard. The original plot, in a nutshell, is this:

In the beginning, there was the Grey Lord, a god who believed in a balance between order and chaos. During an experiment to gain a powerful gem of life, an ethereal explosion occurs and the spiritual fabric of the Grey Lord is torn apart into two entities: Order and Chaos. The Chaos spirit now resides in the dungeon of the Grey Lord. The spirit of Order, however, dwells on the surface and has given you the task of destroying Chaos. You choose to accept this task.

In this version, you are given the control of four FF7 characters: Cloud, Barret, Aeris and Tifa. With them, you must enter the dungeon and unite Order and Chaos together to restore the Grey Lord. Yes, I am acutely aware this has nothing do with Sephiroth or Jenova whatsoever. Maybe in a future version?

Like all good RPGs, this game will take awhile to complete. The game also requires a DOS mouse driver, which you can download and install from here. Note that the saved game file isn't needed unless you accidentally overwrite the original saved game.

And be sure to follow the instructions in the readme file once you've downloaded the game.

Final Fantasy VII Angband by Ambigore | version 1.0.3 | download game (590 KB)

Final Fantasy VII Angband is a dungeon RPG molded around the Final Fantasy VII universe. If you've played dungeon games such as Rogue, Moria or even Diablo, then FF7 Angband should feel very familiar to you.

In FF7 Angband, your mission is to penetrate the dungeon beneath you until you reach the 100th level, where you must end Sephiroth's threat to the world. To achieve this, you must create a character and develop it until the character is strong enough to withstand any opponent. I assure you, this is alot harder than it sounds.

Along the way, you must explore randomly-generated dungeons and defeat unique monsters and bosses while building an arsenal of weapons. As your character develops, his (or her) attributes will increase over time and new skills will develop.

FF7 Angband is not limited to just fighting, however. Your character will also have the opportunity to mine ores in the dungeons and conduct trade with the surface shopkeepers to acquire gold or rare weapons. There is even a dubious black market where you can find ultra-rare items if you desire them.

Interested in the game? Then please download it. This game doesn't require any expensive hardware to play, so it should work on your computer.

Screenshot    Screenshot

Final Fantasy VII Archon by Ambigore | download game (24 KB)

ScreenshotIn chess-like FFVII Archon, you gain control of either Bugenhagen or Jenova in their fight to wipe each out. This is achieved by either annihilating your opponent, or occupying five magical squares located on the board. You must plan your strategy as circumstances constantly change and the balance of power is tipped.

This is pretty much a novelty game. FFVII Archon probably won't occupy your attention for days (or weeks). It's mainly just for a bit of fun if you have ten or fifteen minutes to spare.

The best way to play FFVII Archon though, is with a mate. The game is two-player, so grab a friend and have some fun.

Final Fantasy VII Tetris by Ambigore | download game (16 KB)

ScreenshotPresenting another addition to the FFVII series of games is FFVII Tetris - based on the original from the 80s. This game is a little lacklustre and certainly not the best of efforts, but is nevertheless recommended if you have a few minutes to burn with mind-numbing brain and finger action.

For those oblivious to Tetris, the goal of the game is simple. You are presented with randomly-shaped tumbling blocks which you must place on the bottom of your screen to form a line. Every line formed awards you points.

Final Fantasy Q by Mercury05 | download game (112 KB)

Screenshot Final Fantasy Q is a battle based game featuring the Characters and Battle system of Final Fantasy VII. It includes both a single and multiplayer version, so you can play it against friends.

Interested in the game? Then please download it. This game doesn't require any expensive hardware to play, so it should work on your computer.

Final Fantasy VII Mastermind by Daniel Shorten | download game (3.8 MB)

Screenshot This is a Final Fantasy VII-themed version of the classic "code-breaking" game Mastermind. The goal of the game is to correctly guess the right pattern of Materia as randomly generated by the program. Hints provided by black and white chocobo icons let you know how close you are to the correct pattern. Full instructions for playing the game, as well as its controls, can be found in its "Help" menu.

FFVII Mastermind may require the additional installation of the .NET 1.1 framework, if not already installed on your machine. This is an quick and easy to play game for whenever you have a spare moment, so feel free to try it out.

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