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While experimenting with the Debug Room, it was discovered a 'hidden' area existed in the Northern Cave. The option to access this area, and the area itself, are pictured below.

The Debug Room

'The Great Cave'

The option to access this area is TRNAD53. Once selected, you will be whisked to the Northern Cave. This specific location resembles the area where one of the Weapons is stored. However, upon closer observation, this isn't quite the case. Allow me to explain...

When you are transported to this area, you'll notice a tune playing in the background. What is this tune? Aeris' theme - the theme you hear when she was killed.

But that's not all. Notice the absence of Cloud in the screenshot. This area hasn't been 'coded' with paths for Cloud to walk on (hence why he appears off-screen), meaning it was never intended to be accessed during normal gameplay.

Why would Aeris' death theme be playing in an unaccessable part of the Northern Cave? We honestly don't know, except to say this is extremely peculiar. Interpret this as you will.

Other information regarding this area is listed below:

  -When you access your character menu, the game calls this area 'Great Cave'.
  -There are no exits or paths.
  -Choosing TRNAD51 or TRNAD52 in the Debug Room will transport you to the sequence where the Black Materia is activated.
  -Choosing BLACKBGD will create a 'Please Insert Disc 2' message.

For the record, don't confuse this location with the one containing the Weapon. That area is pictured below for reference.

The Weapon

So, could this area be a part of an abandoned resurrection process? With Aeris' theme playing in the background, it would be hard not to think so. This could perhaps be yet another piece of the Aeris Resurrection puzzle (and boy, ain't it getting big).

(continued in What We Shouldn't Have Seen III)


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