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A small relationship exists between Final Fantasy VII and its lesser-known brother Final Fantasy Tactics. According to Eric R., it has been said in FFT a land called Ivalice was once technologically advanced (Midgar?). There is also an opportunity to gain Cloud as a character by transporting him from the past. Before he actually joins your party, he'll disappear, later reappearing after fighting some enemies. And guess what? Apparently Cloud had been defending a 'flower girl' which bears a striking resemblance to Aeris. Perhaps this is Square's rough-cut conclusion to the mystery of Final Fantasy VII?

October 2000. Hats off to Kelly for the following pics. Now you can see how Aeris makes her appearance in FFT...

It's not quite the conclusion to the grand mystery of FFVII, but it does prove Aeris makes an appearance in FFT. Thanks for the help, Kelly.


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