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Unknown to many FFVII players, there is actually a way into the exclusive Honeybee Inn. The method is quite simple, but requires a bit of timing. You can gain a Member's Card during your attempt to infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion and rescue Tifa. As you gather the necessary materials to disguise yourself as a woman, speak to the man pacing up and down in the SE corner of Wall Market. He'll give you his Member's Card, giving you access to the 'brothel'.

Now I suppose many of you are way beyond that point in the game, and don't wish to restart just to get inside the Honeybee Inn. Well don't panic, as a walkthrough of the building has been provided for your enjoyment. If you have never entered the Honeybee Inn and wish to know what's inside, scroll on down...

The Lobby...

The Entrance
The entrance of the Honeybee Inn. Aeris is obviously left behind as you enter this male-only domain.

The Lobby
The lobby, where you are greeted somewhat rudely by your host. There are five rooms in the brothel altogether... the Group Room, the &$#% Room, the dressing room, the Lover's Room, and the Queen's Room.

The Group Room...

The Group Room
Innocent and oblivious, you first head towards the Group Room.

Uh oh. As you enter the room, you're suddenly surrounded by a pack of weird-looking blokes. Their leader, Mukki, steps forward and asks if you'd like to bathe with them...

...The bath lasts for only ten seconds before Cloud forces himself out of the tub. By the end of the ordeal, Mukki gives you the key item 'Bikini Briefs', useful in your infiltration of Don Corneo's mansion. Was it worth the price though? Regathering your honour, you leave this room.

The &$#% Room...

The &$#% Room
If you didn't choose to enter the Group Room, then you can move on to the &$#% Room... whatever that means.

Personality Clash
The room is an eerie red, but not because of the lights. You find a transparent image of yourself in the corner, struggling.

Conversation with yourself
A conversation with yourself begins...

What are you doing in a place like this?
That's what I want to ask you. Should you be foolin' around here?
You think problems will go away just by thinking about them?
Blacking out...
Cloud blacks out, but the voice continues...

Suddenly you find good 'ol Mukki on top of you, compelling you to wake up.

You regather your senses, shrugging off Mukki in the process. Shaken, you leave the &$#% Room, more cautious of what other horrors this brothel holds.

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room
The dressing room is nothing more than a place where the employees of the Honeybee Inn can prepare themselves for their trade. Undeterred, you enter.

Speaking with the ladies
You can converse with the ladies, but you'll find most are unwilling to talk. However, one lady can aid you in your quest by putting makeup on your face.

The Lover's Room

The Lover's Room
This room cannot be entered, but you can take a peek through the keyhole. You'll discover an innocent elderly couple sleeping inside. Apparently they believe it's a luxurious apartment rented by their son.

If you use the D-pad to look around the key hole, you'll discover the 'son' is actually Cait Sith.

The Queen's Room

The Lover's Room
Like the Lover's Room, this room is occupied. Curious, you take another peek through the keyhole and see President Shinra disguised in royal garb! Apparently he has a fetish... the President makes a speech to himself, eerily foreshadowing events in the game.

And thus ends our tour of the Honeybee Inn—it sure is an interesting place, ain't it?


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