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A mysterious cave exists on the path towards the Ancient Capital. It is partly hidden by the shadows of a cliff. Take a peek at the screenshots below, gratefully provided by O. Rouillon.

The mysterious cave.

A vine leads to the cave

Notice the vine and pathway leading to the cave. You'd think there would be a way to enter the cave, but guess what? There isn't. O. Rouillon has mentioned he has tried everything to reach the cave, but to no avail. I too have attempted, but there's simply no way. The vine cannot be climbed, and there's no other way of reaching the cave.

So, what is this cave? Why did Square decide to prevent the player from entering it?

Some possibilities are presented below:

  -Aeris' resurrection, of course.
  -The cave contained a materia, weapon or item that was later disabled.
  -The cave led to a mini-quest later abandoned.

In all seriousness, the second theory is most likely. According to reliable sources (the FFVII Import FAQ parts 1 and 2 by the late K. Megura), a number of items and materia were disabled in the game. These included the mysterious 'Booster' and 'Prevent Floor Damage' materia, and a secret weapon for Cloud. Chances are, the cave may have held one of these items.

However, connecting this cave to Aeris' resurrection is tempting. It is rather coincidental that this cave appears so close to Aeris' burial ground, and yet cannot be entered for some reason. Why couldn't this cave be located in the Mythril Mines, or Mideel? Out of all places, why the Ancient Capital, and so close to Aeris' body? I think you get the point.

Anyway, credit goes out to O. Rouillon for providing the screenshots.


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