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In the intriguing article Playing Aeris... Even after She's Dead, author Adrian Loder explains how he added a dead Aeris to his party by a PC program called Mtrainer. With Aeris now alive and well, he took note of unique pieces of dialogue spoken by her. Since she is now officially dead in the game, there should be no unique dialogue, but Adrian discovered otherwise.

In the article, Adrian lists a number of unique situations he observed involving a dead Aeris. The observation we're concerned with involves her and the snowboard mini-game...

"1. Snowboarding Down the Mountain -- After the Icicle Village, the party, of course, escapes Shinra by snowboarding down the side of the mountain behind the town, and at the bottom, Aeris will say she's sick of it, and, sometimes, also utter the generic 'let's look at the map' line."
  -excerpt from Playing Aeris... Even After She's Dead

Screenshots of this particular event have been taken by contributor nofaith, and are displayed below.

Thanks nofaith. If you too have screenshots of Aeris in a unique situation after her death, please forward them to the webmaster.

Well, these screenshots certainly prove Adrian's observations in the article, strengthening the argument of a possible resurrection or alternative plot. Who knows what other mysteries lurk out there? Please explain, Square?

(continued in What We Shouldn't Have Seen II)


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