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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 02:52 PM EST

Little Updates

The Downloads page now has a new section devoted to FFVII PC Patches; both official and unofficial patches and fixes may be found here.

Also, the Staff page has been updated, as has the Dirge of Cerberus FAQ and the Compilation-Related Articles listing.


Thursday, September 28th, 2006
Posted by Seb at 08:53 AM EST

Kingdom Hearts 2 & Dirge of Cerberus PAL releases

First of all, I would like to make a little reminder that the European release of Kingdom Hearts 2 is tomorrow, Friday the 29th of September. There is apparently a launch party planned at the Oxford Street store of HMV in London with Kingdom Hearts 2 goodies available for those that show up (See here for more details).

Secondly, although Square Enix has not yet publicly announced a specific date for the DoC PAL release, various highstreet stores are advertising the 24th of November as the date you'll be able to get your hands on it (online stores such as Amazon and are suggesting the 17th). As far as price is concerned, people in the UK can expect to pay around £29.99 whilst those of you sporting Euros seem to be looking at Ä39.99.

If you're still not sure whether Dirge of Cerberus is the game to help you survive the holiday season, then I recommend you check out Reeve's review. It's an honest one, giving a good impression of the quality of the gameplay, storyline and graphics as well as how Dirge of Cerberus fits alongside its fellow FFVII titles.

We'll keep you informed if more information becomes available.


Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 04:43 PM EST

New Jenova Article

A single update today. Long time contributor Anguipes has written an in-depth article on Jenova and the theory behind her being an Omega WEAPON. Click here to check it out as itís worth a read.

While I'm here I would like to point people in the direction of the submission policy, and make it very clear that articles and fan fiction must be of considerable quality to be accepted. It is highly recommended that you get hold of a beta reader to look over your work before submitting. Such simple things such as "include full stops" shouldn't need to be stated.



Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 09:33 AM EST

Crisis Core, Advent Children Complete Featured at TGS 2006

IGN has a report from Square Enix's theater at the Tokyo Game Show, which includes a new trailer for Crisis Core (which apparently includes battle footage), and a "Director's Cut" of Advent Children for Blu-Ray called Advent Children Complete. Other titles covered include the PS3's Final Fantasy XIII, the PS2's Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, the Nintendo DS's It's a Wonderful World, and a mobile game called Monotone. You can read the full report here, but be aware that it contains potential spoilers.


Thursday, September 21st, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 09:47 PM EST

Tiny Lil' Update

The AC Errors & Mistakes listing has a new entry, and the Links page has been updated.

In other news, I'd like to welcome CloudANDTidus to the Citadel's staff. He is taking Cyrus Dogstar's place as a Submissions Editor, and will be dealing with article and fanfiction submissions. And speaking of submissions, they are once again open; as usual, see the Submission Policies for further details.


Monday, September 4th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 09:46 PM EST

Crisis Core at Tokyo Game Show 2006, More DC Stuff

Happy Labor Day to our U.S. friends and visitors! Now, on with the news: Square Enix has unveiled their lineup for this year's Tokyo Game Show, and among the titles being shown is Crisis Core; here's hoping for more information about this game. Several other upcoming Final Fantasy titles will also be shown, and there will be new product announcements as well. The Tokyo Game Show takes place September 22-24. (Source:

As for the site update: the Dirge of Cerberus subsection has seen yet more new content, and (as a warning) is now a lot more spoiler-heavy than it was before. The DC Characters page has been completely revamped, and there are also several new pics on the DC Images & Media page. We also now have a walkthrough for the English-language version of the game available, which will be continually updated as new revisions come out.

Finally, the Citadel would like to formally welcome our latest affiliate, Fragments of Memory. Like much of the Citadel itself, this site is devoted to analysing FFVII, and is well worth checking out. Also, please note that this is the last affiliate we will be taking on at this time, as we're capping the number of affiliates we have at five.

'Till next time...