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Last updated: March 1, 2008

What follows is a select group of articles from the Archives that may be of interest to FFVII fans, particularly in light of the new FFVII media that has been coming out for the past couple of years. Included among these are thoughts about a possible sequel—all of which were written long before Advent Children was first announced—as well as more recent articles.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of what's in the Article Archive. There are several pieces in there that focus on the ending, Aeris' death, Sephiroth and Jenova, and various other aspects of the original game. Feel free to check them out.

1998-2001: FFVII Sequel - Early Thoughts and Speculations

  1. Final Fantasy VII Sequel Draft - by Ambigore, Mar. 1998
  2. Sequel Theory - by Ambigore, May 1998
  3. Aeris and Sequel - by Night Fire, Jul. 1999
  4. Sequel to Nothingness - by Eric H., Oct. 1999
  5. Write Your Own Sequel! - by Jack Lockheart, Jun. 2000
  6. Why There Should Be No Sequel to FFVII - by Dave, May 2001

2003-2004: Advent Children-Related Articles (pre-release)

  1. Planned Sequel? - by M. Porter, Nov. 2003
  2. Cause and Effect - The Theme of FFVII: Advent Children - by Uncle Elmo, Nov. 2004

2005-present: Advent Children-Related Articles (post-release)

  1. Old Friends, New Times - An FFVII:Advent Chidren Review - by Reeve, Sept. 2005
  2. Aeris - Daughter of Jenova? - by Lunaris Victoria, Aug. 2006

2006-present: Dirge of Cerberus-Related Articles (post-release)

  1. Final Fantasy VII-2 - by Reeve, Aug. 2006

2007: Crisis Core-Related Articles (pre-release)

  1. Expecting: Crisis Core - by CloudANDTidus, Aug. 2007

2007-present: Crisis Core-Related Articles (post-release)

  1. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core import review - by Daneder, Oct. 2007
  2. Loveless in Crisis Core - by Mitsuki Shiroi, Jan. 2008

2004-present: General Compilation-Related Articles

  1. What's Next for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII? - by Reeve, Dec. 2004
  2. Omega Theory - by Anguipes Seraph, Sept. 2006


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