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What follows is a list of the major characters featured in this game. Please note that a number of these descriptions contain spoilers.

Main Characters (WRO)
  1. Vincent Valentine
  2. Reeve Tuesti & Cait Sith
  3. Shalua Rui
  4. Yuffie Kisaragi
  5. Cid Highwind
Main Characters (Deepground/Tsviets)
  1. Azul
  2. Shelke
  3. Rosso
  4. Nero
  5. Weiss
Supporting Characters
  1. Lucrecia Crescent
  2. Hojo
  3. Grimoire Valentine
  4. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, & Barret Wallace
  5. Nanaki (Red XIII)
  6. Project G
Notable Creatures and Monsters
  1. Omega
  2. Chaos
  3. Galian Beast

Main Characters (WRO) - The WRO (short for "World Regenesis Organization") is dedicated to rebuilding the world in the wake of the Meteor disaster; it also operates as a peacekeeping force. The WRO is led by Reeve and largely funded by an anonymous benefactor (most likely—but not confirmed as being—Rufus Shinra). <
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine | Age: 30
The hero of this game, Vincent is pursued by a shadowy organization known as the Deepground Soldiers, who wish to obtain the Protomateria that he possesses. During the course of his adventures, Vincent learns far more about his beloved Lucrecia than he ever did before, including her involvement with Chaos.
Reeve Tuesti & Cait Sith
Reeve Tuesti & Cait Sith | Age (Reeve only): 38
Now sporting an official last name, Reeve serves as the WRO's commissioner, and is the one who initially hires Vincent to look into the Deepground Soldiers' doings. He still has a number of Cait Sith robots in his possession, which he utilizes for spying missions.
Shalua Rui
Shalua Rui | Age: 24
A scientist working for the WRO who has recovered some of Lucrecia's files on Chaos. On a more personal note, Shalua lost something of great value ten years ago, and has gone through much in an attempt to recover it.
Yuffie Kisaragi
Yuffie Kisaragi | Age: 19
Yuffie is in charge of espionage and intelligence gathering at the WRO, but still maintains strong ties to her native land of Wutai. She helps Vincent out of a couple of tight spots during the course of the game.
Cid Highwind
Cid Highwind | Age: 35
The captain of the WRO's sky fleet. As in AC, he commands the airship Shera, which was named after his wife(!). In DC, we learn that the Shera (the airship) is in fact an ancient artifact, and that no one can figure out exactly how it is powered.

Main Characters (Deepground/Tsviets) - Located deep beneath the surface of Midgar—even below the slums—Deepground was the location of the city's Reactor #0 and also originally served as a SOLDIER medical facility. However, mad scientists began conducting experiments down there, and thus were the "Deepground Soldiers" born. The Tsviets are a small group of the most elite Deepground Soldiers; all of the characters listed here are of this class.
Azul | Age: 33
Also known as "Azul the Cereulean", this powerful character had previously appeared in Before Crisis, in which he was a fighter who sought to join SOLDIER. Between then and DC's timeframe, he has been experimented on in Deepground, and bears a certain similarity to Vincent.
Shelke | Age: 19
A young woman with the body of a nine-year-old girl, the android-like Shelke (aka "Shelke the Transparent") has the ability to tap into neural networks. She is also a swift-footed fighter who wields two materia-powered blades of light.
Rosso | Age: 25
A beautiful yet strong and dedicated fighter, "Rosso the Crimson" is perhaps the proudest of the Tsviets. Her primary weapon is a staff with a blade at either end.
Nero | Age: 23
"Nero the Sable" has the ability to manipulate darkness. Of all of the Tsviets, he is the most closely connected to Weiss.
Weiss | Age: unknown
The leader of the Deepground Soldiers and the Tsviets, who dwells deep within Deepground itself, is Weiss, or "Weiss the Immaculate". All of the Deepground Soldiers regard him with the salute "Hail Weiss!"

Supporting Characters - Several characters from the original FFVII appear in supporting roles. In addition, there are a couple of new characters with small, yet notable, parts.
Lucrecia Crescent
Lucrecia Crescent | Age: unknown
A long-deceased Shinra scientist who worked with Hojo and befriended Vincent several years ago. Her research on Omega and Chaos had been lost for several years before the Deepground Soldiers and the WRO each recovered parts of it. Like Reeve, Lucrecia now sports an official last name.
Hojo | Age: unknown
Shinra scientist, father of Sephiroth, and one of the most evil of the original FFVII's villains. Of course, since he is a major figure in Vincent's past, he plays a prominent role in DC.
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Grimoire Valentine | Age: unknown
Vincent's father, who has some sort of past connection to Lucrecia.
Cloud, Tifa, & Barret
Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and Barret Wallace | Ages: 24, 23, 38
These three characters lead the WRO's ground assault on Midgar, during a critical battle against the Deepground Soldiers—Cloud on his bike Fenrir, and Barret and Tifa in a truck.
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Nanaki (Red XIII) | Age: 51
Left out of much of the game was this eighth of FFVII's surviving heroes. He only appears once, during the game's ending, and even then, doesn't do much.
Project G
Project G | Age: unknown
Played by the real-life J-Rock star Gackt (who also composed and performed two songs for the game), "Project G" is a long-lost Shinra experiment with some sort of connection to "Project S" (in other words, Sephiroth). Project G's storyline is more of a side-quest than anything—finding the three "G Reports" hidden in the game will unlock an extra ending that features him in it.

Noteable Creatures and Monsters - Though there are a few monsters that can be fought during the course of the game, these three are especially noteworthy.
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The sixth and final of the WEAPONs of the Planet, Omega's purpose differs from that of the others. Whereas Ultimate, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby existed to come to the Planet's aid when it is in danger, Omega's task is to carry the Lifestream into the cosmos when the Planet is about to die and seek out a new world for it to inhabit. The goal of the Deepground Soldiers is to trick Omega into awakening early, effectively killing the Planet.
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Though not a WEAPON, Chaos is another specialized being created by the Planet, who serves as the counterpoint to Omega. Chaos exists to kill all living things, returning them to the Lifestream, while Omega prepares for its journey, and also to eradicate any remaining life once Omega leaves. Chaos is currently merged with Vincent, and how and why that came to pass is a major plot point in DC.
Galian Beast
Galian Beast
One of the monsters merged with Vincent during the early days of the Jenova Project. During battle, Vincent can transform into Galian by using the "Limit Breaker" item. Unlike Chaos, Galian is not at all a plot point of the game; it's also worth noting that neither Death Gigas nor Hellmasker (Vincent's other two limit breaks from FFVII) are mentioned at all.

Last updated September 2006 by Reeve. Age info for most of the characters is from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Official Complete Guide, published by Square Enix.


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