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Errors & Mistakes

Just like its predecessor, Advent Children has its share of tiny little flaws. What follows is our list of notable mistakes—a couple of which were noticed even before the movie came out!

For a list of errors within FFVII itself, see this page.

Error #1 - Mako "Peactor"?
Peactor? In the Forums' "Advent Children" thread, Diamond Weapon noticed that a sign was misspelled in one of the movie's early promotional CG illustrations (the full image is here). The misspelled sign (spelled "Peactor" instead of "Reactor") is in the upper right corner, as you can see in the detail to your left-- it's the sign to the right the ones marked "Shinra-Bldg" and "Wall Market".

One logical explanation for this might be that the dirt covering parts of the sign may be blotting out part of the "R" in "Reactor", making it look like a "P". However, it does very clearly look like a "P", so it could indeed be a typo.

UPDATE (12/31/06): John Jolly magnified the sign and found traces of a stem on the letter in question, lending credence to the "dirt-covered 'R'" theory. Having checked my own copies of this illustration, I can verify that these traces do exist, and that they strongly suggest that the "P" really is an "R".

Error #2 - The Healin Lodge's Location
A detail of FFVII's World Map
Somewhere on the Eastern Continent... but where?
Kain424 has sent in an interesting observation regarding the location of the Healin Lodge:

"Notice the positions of the locations on the map. Then glance at the sign. How can this be? I've tried to angle the sign around in my mind, but I think that it would only work if the Midgar arrow and the Kalm arrow were switched. Is it a mistake?"

Yes, it's very likely that this is another error. What place on the World Map would match the locations as indicated by the sign on the Healin Lodge? I wasn't able to find any, but if anyone else can, I'd love to hear about it.

UPDATE (May 14, 2005): Several people have since noted that perhaps the sign is pointing to the roads leading to these places, and not the places themselves. There are very subtle indications of roads in the full screenshot of the Healin' Lodge; hopefully we'll see more of the surrounding area in the movie itself, so that any confusion about this sign may be cleared up.

Error #3 - Bahamut Sin's Summoning
Kadaj and his blue materia In the Edge battle sequence, Kadaj summons Bahamut Sin using one of Cloud's materia, which he has absorbed into his arm. Thing is, this stone is blue (Support) materia, not red (Summon) materia.

Thanks to Midnightsunpm and all others who have pointed this out.

UPDATE (March 1, 2008): T.J. Fuller, Jr. points out that the materia Kadaj absorbs may in fact be green, not blue. However, this does not change the fact that the materia is not a Summon one.

Error #4 - W.R.O. "Parsonal"
'Authorized W.R.O. Parsonal Only' The highway chase sequence truly begins once Cloud and Kadaj break through this sign, which, in the grand high Final Fantasy VII tradition, sports a glaring typographical error.

Error #5 - Tifa Pulls a Sephiroth
Tifa defeated by Loz
...and later discovered by Cloud
Immediately after Tifa is defeated by Loz in the old church in Midgar's Sector Five, she's still wearing her black battle gloves. However, when Cloud discovers her prone body in a subsequent scene, she's not wearing gloves any more. Thanks goes to Tiamod for the discovery.

In addition, this mistake is reminiscent of the "Sephiroth's gloves" error from FFVII itself. It's possible that the "Tifa's gloves" error is a quirky homage to that earlier mistake, but more likely, it's just an odd coincidence.

Error #6 - Cloud Strife's Amazing Water-Resistant Clothing
Cloud and the children in the water In the movie's final scene, Cloud lies in a body of water that now stands in the Sector 5 Church. However, when he stands, he appears to be completely dry. Thanks to Midnightsunpm for the observation.

When we received word of this error and checked it out for ourselves, Cyrus Dogstar noted that there was no evidence of wetness on the kids, either; even considering how they are positioned, dark spots should normally show on clothes at the water's surface.

Error #7 - The "invisible" driver
Zack talks to himself
Zack talks to the driver
In one of the movie's multiple flashbacks to the original game, Zack can been seen ridding in the back of a yellow truck on his way to Midgar with Cloud. Piaya Valentine has made the curious observation that the driver is bizarrely absent however, despite the rear view mirror indicating where he should be seated. Either the angle of the shot or the driver's very short height could explain this error; however the original game clearly shows that his head is viewable through the window.


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