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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
Posted by Seb at 09:33 AM EST

FFVII on the go

Ever since it was revealed that a PSOne Emulator would be included in a future software update for the PSP, many have looked forward to the possibility of playing the original FFVII on the go. Back in April, Joystiq made a report about some images of the Emulator interface which included FFVII as one of the titles that would be available for download. The pictures were soon dismissed as fakes due to various inconsistencies.

There has generally been skepticism as to whether Final Fantasy VII and other FF titles would ever be available due to the sheer size of the original games. However according to the latest issue of the UK PSP Magazine, both Final Fantasy VII and VIII will be titles available on the launch of the service (which is supposedly October). We'll be on the lookout for more details and hope it isn't just another rumour.
Source: PSXExtreme


Saturday, June 17th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 06:29 PM EST

More Remake Denials, Site Updates

Following up on the previous news story, Square Enix has recently issued the following statement: "We have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is in development, but have NOT confirmed a FF7 remake at any time. The remake has been a popular subject for rumors, but that's all they are. Obviously the Best Buy listing was made in error." (source:

And now... the site updates. First off, two new Dirge of Cerberus images are up in DC Images & Media-- namely, character designs for Shalua Lui and Yuffie. The Name Origins and Links pages have been updated, and the FFVII Discography now features an English translation of "One Winged Angel", supplied by our own Reno. Finally, two new pieces of Vincent fanart by Wyna Hiros are now available.


Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
Posted by Seb at 07:51 AM EST

More Remake Madness

We thought the Square Enix showing at E3 had silenced the remake rumours but Electronic Gaming Monthly stirred them up again last month when it claimed a FFVII remake was under production and now is joining in on the crazy speculation that will no doubt see the rumours continue.

Joystiq has reported that BestBuy is offerring 9 PS3 titles for pre-order and bizarrely Final Fantasy VII is among them. There is little information on this enigmatic title but according to BestBuy it is a BD-ROM and will be released as early as this December.

It goes without saying that this information should be treated with extreme skepticism. Anyone that has pre-ordered a game will know retailers do not make the most reliable sources of information and it is not the first time BestBuy has offerred dubious pre-orders. Nevertheless until Square Enix makes an explicit statement about a FFVII remake, these rumours are probably going to go on and on.


Thursday, June 1st, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 01:58 PM EST

Handset Compatibility Info for DC: Lost Episode, New DC Release Date?

Square Enix announced today that they have entered into a partnership with a mobile company called Amp'd for North American distribution of Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode, a 3D mobile spinoff of Dirge of Cerberus. In addition, DC: Lost Episode will be available exclusively on Amp'd handsets for the first three months of its availability; information about what other mobile carriers will carry the game after said three months was up wasn't provided. For more information about this deal, Square Enix's full press release is here.
(ETA 06/02/06: A correction for the press release had been issued; said correction makes it even clearer that the exclusivity is just for three months.)

Also, a quick visit to Square Enix's North American website has revealed that the release date for DC itself appears to have been pushed up from August 22 to August 15. This is nothing if not a good sign; here's hoping that no unexpected delays arise between now and August.


Posted by Reeve at 11:21 AM EST

New Dirge of Cerberus Images, More

Today we have four new Dirge of Cerberus screenshots and one new piece of artwork; three of these images feature the character Rosso, but there's one each of Azul and Turk Vincent as well. These pics are all available from the
DC Images & Media page.

In other news, the DC FAQ has been updated for the North American version's changes, two new entries have been added to our list of AC Errors & Mistakes, the AC Merchandise & Collectables page now has more information on the excellent new bilingual (!) artbook Reunion Files, the FFVII Discography now includes tracks from the Ehrgeiz OST, a drawing of Aerith by Faye-Faye has been added to the Fanart section, and a couple of new links have been added to (of course) the Links page.

Finally, the Citadel has changed its email addresses for general inquiries and submissions; however, the old ones should still work. Please visit the Submission Policies for further details.