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With a new product in the Final Fantasy series, so comes new lines of merchandise. Here is a list of collectables and related items for Advent Children which have been, or will be, released. If you learn of a new item, or notice any omissions, please contact the Webmaster with details.

Note: This list covers official and liscenced items only; no bootlegs, magazines, or promotional items are included. Also, this list does not include recent, but more general, FF7 items such as the Trading Arts figures and the Ultimania Omega. All available prices are listed in yen and/or U.S. dollars, and were taken from either Square Enix's online stores or other reputable sources.

Square Enix Merchandise

Advent Children poster - Sold at some video game trade shows, this poster depicts Cloud and Sephiroth dissolving into the background, with the AC logo in between them. ¥1,700 (Japan), US$16.00 (North America)

Advent Children poster sets - The first set that was offered consisted of two B2 size posters, one of Tifa and the other of the Silver Haired Trio. The second set likewise consists of two B2 posters; one of Cloud and Sephiroth, and the other of Cloud and Kadaj. Both sets go for ¥1,000.
Cloudy Wolf cell phone strap
Advent Children T-Shirt - A black T-shirt with the Cloudy Wolf emblem on the front, and the words "Advent Children" on the back. ¥3,500 (Japan), US$33.00 (North America)

Cloudy Wolf product line (first series) - These items, which all bear the Cloudy Wolf emblem, came out not long after AC was first announced. They include a cell phone strap (which was also a promotional item in Japan from Panasonic) (¥1,500 [Japan], US$14.00 [North America]), a .925 silver earring (¥5,880 [Japan], US$53.00 [North America]), and a ring, also made of .925 silver (¥14,000 [Japan], US$133.00 [North America]).

Shinra Company product line - This line of AC merchandise debuted around the same time as the first Cloudy Wolf series. Three Shinra Company items have been released thus far: a metal business card case (¥2,600), an ID card holder with engraved metal plate (¥2,800 [Japan], US$26.00 [North America]), and a pin plated in .925 silver (¥3,000).

Advent Children Play Arts figures - "Play Arts" is Square Enix's line of high-quality action figures, which made its debut with Final Fantasy X-2's Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. For AC, four figures have been released. The Tifa, Vincent, and Sephiroth figures came out almost simultaneously in Japan and North America in August 2005 (Japanese figures: ¥3,800 each; N. American figures: US$19.99 each).
        The fourth Play Arts figure is of Cloud, and was originally only available with the Advent Pieces box set (see below), along with his motorcycle Fenrir. However, the Cloud and Fenrir set is now available in North America, with a different sword for Cloud than the one in the Japanese set, and a suggested retail price of US$64.99. Later, Cloud was released as a separate figure similar to the three listed above, right down to the suggested retail price (US$19.99). The "US" versions of Cloud's head, sword, and sword hand were available as a set from Square Enix's Character Goods Shop in Tokyo for ¥1000.
        Three more Play Arts figures—of Kadaj, Yuffie, and Reno—were released in Japan and North America in September 2007. They each retail for ¥3,800 or $24.99.

Cloudy Wolf product line (second series) - These items all made their debut around the actual time of AC's launch, in the fall of 2005. Unlike the first series, which focused on a largely siver motif, the items in this second series follow a black and silver scheme. Among the items offered are a pen case (¥2,900), a desktop calendar (¥3,500), and a business card case (¥2,100).

Advent Children Neck Strap - Not much is known about this item, which retails for ¥1,700.

Masterpiece Arts Cloud Strife and Sephiroth - These high-end collector's dolls are 1/4 scale and finely detailed. Available in the fall of 2007 in Japan, these dolls will retail for ¥47,000 apiece.

Liscensed Items

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Prologue - by Shueisha - Released under the V-Jump label, this slender book contains numerous full-color images from the film, interviews with its creators, a few pages of concept art, a recap of FFVII's main story events, and the short story series "On the Way to a Smile" (¥952, or ¥1000 [including tax]).

Advent Children Swing Keychains - by Bandai - There are five keychains in this series of capsule figures: Cloud, Tifa, Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Released in late September 2005. As these are capsule toys intended for vending machines, prices vary depending on the seller.

Shadow Creeper and Bahamut-Sin figures, and Sierra model - by Kotobukiya - These three high-quality collectables—of a Shadow Creeper monster, the Bahamut-Sin summon, and Cid's Sierra airship—are now availabe in both Japan and North America. Shadow Creeper: ¥4,800, US$26.99; Bahamut-Sin: ¥5,800, US$32.99; Sierra: ¥5,800, US$29.99

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Reunion Files - by Soft Bank - A larger, more lavishly-illustrated book than the Prologue, Reunion Files can also be distinguished by its text; the entire book is written in both Japanese and English, making it ideal for importing. Priced at ¥2400, this book contains numerous never-before-seen images, insights into how the film was made and much more. Highly recommended!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children polystone statues - by Kotobukiya - These two gorgeous (and expensive!) statues, when placed next to one another, recreate a scene from the film's action-packed climax. Released in late 2006 in both Japan (¥24,800 each) and North America (US$200 each).

Limited-Edition Items

Advent Children Zippo Lighter - by Zippo - Back in 1997, a series of FFVII Zippo lighters-- limited to 3,000 pieces each, was sold in Japan. In 2005, a special AC Zippo was introduced, also in a limited run of 3,000. These lighters have since become instant collector's items and can fetch around $200-$250 US on eBay.

Advent Children DVD and Soundtrack First-Press Editions - by Square Enix - Since the DigiCube era, Square has typically released the first print runs of Final Fantasy original soundtracks in special packaging, and sometimes with extras. The first pressing of the Japanese AC DVD has received this same treatment, and the soundtrack CD has as well.

Advent Children: Advent Pieces Limited - by Square Enix - Now sold out in Japan and released the same day as the regular AC DVD, Advent Pieces is a box set that contains a number of extras, including a bonus disk (which contains the Venice preview, Last Order, and a number of other extras), the Cloud and Fenrir Play Arts figure set, a fascimile script, a cap, a t-shirt, a special pressing of of FFVII International, and an individually-numbered key chain. Available only in Japan, this set was limited to an edition of 77,777 and retailed for a whopping ¥29,500.

Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set - by Sony Pictures - Released for the North American market on February 20, 2007, this set contains several extras—including a script book and the Last Order OAV, both of which were previously only available in the Advent Pieces Limited set. Other extras include a postcard set and a book which includes the two "On the Way to a Smile" stories from AC Prologue, plus a new story featuring Barret. Retails for US$49.95.

Other Merchandise

FOMA P900iV "Cloud Black" model - by NTT DoCoMo - This special "Cloud Black" cell phone model is the very same one Cloud Strife can be seen using in AC (it is also the phone that appears prominently on the official Before Crisis website). A list of this phone's versatile features can be found here.


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