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Monday, March 31st, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 12:06 PM EST

Technical Update: RSS Feeds Working Again

Very quick note: The RSS and XML feeds for the Citadel are now once again operational. Thanks for your patience, and again, we apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused.


Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 09:11 AM EST

Crisis Core Launch Reports

Game|Life's Chris Kohler went to the San Francisco launch party for Crisis Core (see previous update) and wrote up a post about the event, complete with photos. Another set of pictures can be found via PSP Fanboy, taken by reader Ryoga Vee; this set is much more extensive, and includes photos of the original FFVII artwork on display.


Monday, March 24th, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 09:24 AM EST

Crisis Core News: Launch Party in San Francisco, Circuit City Deal

This news is a little late, but according to RPGamer, Square Enix will be throwing a launch event for Crisis Core at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco tomorrow evening at 6PM. Only two hundred attendees will be admitted, with the first hundred getting a special launch shirt. There will also be raffles for prizes, and special Shinra Company ID cards will be available for attendees.

Also, for those of you in the US who haven't preordered Crisis Core but still plan on getting it, Cheap Ass Gamer reports that Circuit City is offering a free $10 gift card with the game's purchase this week. Happy shopping!


Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 05:27 PM EST

Staff Shuffle

As first announced on the Citadel's Forums, there have been some major staff changes recently. Forums Admin The Slider and longtime staffer and techie Reno have chosen to leave their positions. Much thanks go out to them for helping to keep the Forums in good shape.

Taking The Slider's place as admin is Ex-SOLDIER, who is also still serving as the news editor. Also, Clyde Strife has returned from her hiatus and has taken over for Reno as Deputy Admin and General Discussion Moderator. We wish them the best of luck with their new positions!


Friday, March 21st, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 05:19 PM EST

Interview with Crisis Core's Director: The Compilation Hasn't Ended Yet

Via PSP Fanboy, we've learned that 1UP has posted an interview with Crisis Core director Hajime Tabata. Topics discussed include the nuances of the battle system, characterization, and the non-ending of the Compilation of FFVII:

1UP: Does Crisis Core mark the finale for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series?

HT: No, it does not. The Compilation's finale will take some other form.
Of course, what this "finale" is is currently unknown, but will doubtless be a subject of much debate amongst fans.

As a reminder, Crisis Core ships to North American stores this coming Tuesday, March 25th.


Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 05:59 PM EST

Even More Crisis Core Images

With Crisis Core arriving in North American stores next week, the media blitz continues. Today, PSP Fanboy has posted the latest batch of screenshots, along with four trailers.


Posted by Reeve at 08:33 AM EST

Official Square Enix Fan Club Coming to North America

This isn't FFVII-specific news, but I thought it might interest our visitors. Game|Life has reported that Square Enix's official online fan club, Square Enix Members, will debut in North America this coming Monday. Signing up with the club gains fans access to several special features, such as downloadables, giveaways, interviews, exclusive trailers, Flash games, a points rewards system similar to the one for Japan's Club Nintendo, and an MMO community simply called "Virtual World".

Registration is taking place right now at the official site. Check it out!

Also, a quick side-note: The Citadel's RSS generator has been flaky as of late. We'll try and fix the problem as soon as we can, and apologize for any inconvenience.


Friday, March 14th, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 06:11 PM EST

Crisis Core UK Preorder Bonus

Thanks to CloudANDTidus for the news that a special edition version of Crisis Core will be available for UK gamers who preorder the game. This edition will include, along with the game itself, a slipcover and 48-page hardcover artbook. As of this writing, Gamestation and Play are the only two retailers carrying this preorder bonus, though others will soon follow.


Sunday, March 9th, 2008
Posted by Ex SOLDIER at 04:18 AM EST

Cloud, Aerith And The Turks In New CC Vids

Small news update in the realm of Crisis Core:

Head on over to IGN and take a look at these new videos. You'll hear a bunch of new english voices like Cloud, Reno, Aerith and Cissnei.

As more and more of these videos are released, they act as a constant reminder that March 25th is getting closer and closer.


Saturday, March 1st, 2008
Posted by Reeve at 12:14 AM EST

This Month's Theme, Crisis Core Retcons, More

For March 2008, our theme is devoted to FFVII's most important element, the Planet. Thanks for this month's banner, which prominently features the planetary scholar Bugenhagen, goes out Citadel Forums member Swash! As usual, last month's theme, along with all the rest, can be found archived on the Tenth Anniversary page.

There's lots of updates to the site today. First off are some significant additions to the Retroactive Continuity in the Compilation page, just about all of which pertain to Crisis Core. Thanks go out to staff member Ex-SOLDIER, who played through much of the Japanese version of the game, for the submission. Please be forewarned that, as these new entries are mostly plot-related, they include MAJOR SPOILERS for Crisis Core.

Also in the Compilation section: the Crisis Core Characters page is now up to date, and several new official wallpapers have been added to the CC Images & Media page.

Next up is a complete revamp of the Strategy section's Limit Breaks guide. In addition to Level 4 manual locations and tips, more in-depth information has been added, including charts for Tifa and Cait's slot machine reels.

Finally, there's been some minor updates to the FFVII Discography, the Advent Children Errors listing, and the Compilation-Related Articles page.