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The Gold Saucer is by far the most enjoyable place in Final Fantasy VII.

The Gold Saucer is owned by the Shinra and managed by a self-loving bloke named Dio. Most rides and games require GP to be used. GP is the Gold Saucer's form of currency and can be gained by winning games and races or swapping for Gil. The Gold Saucer is also where Cait Sith is introduced and a date with a certain character occurs.

The Gold Saucer consists of eight areas. Here is a guide to the Saucer's attractions, broken down by area:

  Ropeway Station
  Event Square
  Speed Square
  Round Square
  Ghost Square

In-depth guides:

  Battle Square
  Wonder Square NEW!
  Chocobo Square

Ropeway Station
Little description is needed here. The Ropeway Station is the entrance and exit point of the Gold Saucer. In this area are a map of the Gold Saucer and a save point that costs 5 GP to use. This is also where a mysterious man randomly appears to swap GP for Gil. Should he appear, he'll be hiding in the shadows left of the tram.

Event Square
Event Square contains a stage where a play can be held. During the course of the game only one play will be held: during the date with a character. Besides that, nothing else occurs here. The play, when it does occur, is free.

Speed Square
This is where the Shooting Coaster is located. During the ride, holograms of monsters and various objects must be shot to gain points. Rack up enough points, and you may win a prize. The ride costs 10 GP.

If you score more than 3000 points, you will win one of the following:
  1. 1/35 Shinra Soldier
  2. Masamune Blade (replica)
  3. Super Sweeper

If you score more than 5000 points, you will win either of these items:
  1. Cid's Flayer
  2. Aeris' Umbrella

It may be difficult to gain 5000 points, so here are a few tips.

The buzzing UFO before the cliff descent can be destroyed. Instead of holding down the fire button, just tap it constantly and fire short but powerful bursts. The UFO should be destroyed for 1000 points.

200 bonus points can also be gained. Around the last corner of the ride are a group of spotlights. A spotlight on the right hand side can be destroyed. As the corner is turned, place the target on the bottom right hand side of the screen and hold the fire button. It is guarenteed the spotlight will be hit for 200 points.

Round Square
The Gondola is situated here, which you can ride to tour the sights of the Gold Saucer. The ride only costs 2 GP. During the first and third disc, the Gondola may be out of order for a short time but will be repaired later.

Ghost Square
The party can rest at the Hotel in the Ghost Square and buy a couple of items. A room at the Hotel costs 5 GP.

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