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Battle Square is one of the main attractions of the Gold Saucer. For 10 GP (Gold Points) any single member of your party can fight up to eight randomly selected monsters. After each victory you will receive BP (Battle Points) which are redeemable for prizes. A side attraction in Battle Square is Dio's personal museum, where you can find the Keystone at a certain point in the game.

  Terms of Victory
  Recommended Equipment
  The Special Battle

Terms of Victory

Victory is achieved by successfully completing all eight rounds.

Defeat can result from any of the following:

  • Choosing to quit after a round.
  • Casting escape, or using anything else which will end a battle.
  • Running away.
  • Death.

You will receive BP for each round that you complete, as well as the consolation prize "Tissue". Though Tissues seem to be useless, the number of them you have in your inventory affects the difficulty of the battles; the more you have, the harder the battles become.

Recommended Equipment

Weapon - Your character's ultimate weapon (for high attack power).
Armor - Ziedrich, Fourth Bracelet, or Imperial Guard (for high Def. and Magic Def.); Mystile (most well-rounded armor: good Def. and Magic Def., plus high Def.% and Magic Def.%); or Minerva Band or Escort Guard (good Def.; nullifies various types of magic).
Accessory - Ribbon (guards against all status ailments).
Materia - As a general rule, use as little materia as possible. However, still include: Slash All, Enemy Skill (with Big Guard learned), Counterattack, Restore (with Regen learned), Time, and Heal (with Esuna learned). Independant materia such as HP Plus and MP Plus are also useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Curative & Support Items - Elixir, Remedy, X-Potion, Turbo Ether, Speed Drink, and Hero Drink.
Attack Items - These items can come in handy if your materia and/or weapon become disabled-- Right Arm, Fire Veil, Ice Crystal, Swift Bolt, Earth Mallet, M-Tentacles, and Stardust.


All materia is broken - Every piece of equipped materia is disabled, and any benefits obtained from said materia is lost. This is the handicap that is worth the most amount of BP (over 10,000) if received, yet it is also the most crippling.
Item command is sealed
Support materia is broken
1/2 Speed - Speed is reduced by 50%.
Armor is broken - Disables all benefits from your equipped armor.
Timex30 Damage - Damage is based on the time meter.
HP Restored - HP is fully restored.
Toad - Frog is cast on the character. Effects can be avoided if character is wearing a ribbon and the "Accessory is broken" handicap has not previously been received.
Magic materia is broken
1/2 HP - HP is reduced by 50%.
1/2 HP & MP - Both HP and MP are reduced by 50%.
Yesss! No handicap! - Also known as "Lucky 7". No new handicap for that round.
Down 5 levels - Character's current level is reduced by five.
Down 10 levels - Character's current level is reduced by ten.
1/2 MP - MP is reduced by 50%.
Zero MP - MP is reduced to zero. Can be restored with Ether, Turbo Ether, or Elixir if the Item command is still available.
Poison - The character receives the status ailment Poison. Effects can be avoided if character is wearing a Ribbon and the "Accessory is broken" handicap has not previously been received.
Independant materia is broken
Summon materia is broken
Accessory is broken - Disables all benefits from your equipped accessory.
Small - Mini is cast on the character. Effects can be avoided if character is wearing a Ribbon and the "Accessory is broken" handicap has not previously been received.
Weapon is broken - Reduces physical attack strength.
Command materia is broken


Disk One

Phoenix Down - 100 BP
Remedy - 200 BP
Mimett Greens - 400 BP
Enemy Lure (materia) - 800 BP
Bolt Plume - 1600 BP
Swift Bolt - 3200 BP
Pre-Emptive (materia) - 6400 BP
Speed Plus (materia) - 12800 BP
Championship Belt - 32000 BP
Omnislash (Limit 1) - 64000 BP
Disks Two and Three

Remedy - 100 BP
Enemy Lure (materia) - 250 BP
Right Arm - 500 BP
Pre-Emptive (materia) - 1000 BP
Regan Greens - 2000 BP
Speed Plus (materia) - 4000 BP
Stardust - 8000 BP
Championship Belt - 16000 BP
Omnislash (Limit 1) - 32000 BP
W-Summon (materia) (Limit 1) - 64000 BP

Special Prizes

Final Attack materia - Received after finishing the entire Special Battle for the first time.
Dio's Autograph - Consolation prize. No known use.
Dio's Diary - Consolation prize. No known use.
Tissue - Consolation Prize. Makes subsequent battles more difficult.

The Special Battle

How to Participate - You will need W-Summon materia, Omnislash, and Cloud's Ultima Weapon. The first two can be won as prizes in Battle Square, the third can only be obtained by defeating Ultimate WEAPON. Note that Cloud is the only character who can compete in the Special Battle.

Monsters Fought -

  • Round 1: Sea Worm
  • Round 2: Ho-chu
  • Round 3: Unknown 3
  • Round 4: Serpent
  • Round 5: Wolfmeister
  • Round 6: Behemoth
  • Round 7: Maximum Kimaira
  • Round 8: Proud Clod

Recommended Additional Materia - Knights of the Round, Magic Plus, any four Counterattacks (if you have less then four, try using 4x Cut instead), and Mime.

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