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Aside from being the place where you meet Cait Sith for the first time, Wonder Square is home to a number of arcade games. Many of these allow you to replay events from the main game including G-Bike (the Midgar escape minigame), snowboarding (similar to the snowboarding minigame at Icicle Inn), and the submarine game (like the one during the Huge Materia chase). Each arcade game becomes available only after that part of the story has been played before. Other games in Wonder Square include a wrestling game, a fortune-telling machine, a basketball game, and Mog House.

  Arm Wrestling
  Super Dunk
  Wonder Catcher
  Crystal Fortune
  Mog's House
  3-D Battler
  Torpedo Attack


All of the games in Wonder Square (except for the fortune telling one) dispense GP if one's score is high enough. In the first arcade room is a Gold Saucer employee who will exchange your GP for prizes, including rare items such as the Carob Nut and the Gil Plus materia. Below is a list of all the prizes on offer.

    Potion - 1 GP
    Ether - 20 GP
    X-Potion - 80 GP
    Turbo Ether - 100 GP
    Gold Ticket - 300 GP
    Carob Nut - 500 GP
    Gil Plus - 1000 GP (available after disc 1)
    EXP Plus - 2000 GP (available after disc 1)

Arm Wrestling

Located directly to the left of the first arcade room's entrance, next to the employee who exchanges GP for prizes, Arm Wrestling is the simplest game on offer in Wonder Square. For 100 gill per go you can button mash against either 'Sumo Wrestler' or 'Wrestler' for GP. The game involves simply hitting the circle button continuously and as fast as you can in order to defeat your opponent. Beating the Sumo Wrestler will reward you with a whole 1 GP, while defeating Wrestler will bag you 2 GP.

Super Dunk

Across from the Wrestling game on the right hand side of the first arcade room is Super Dunk, a basketball game. To play you simply need to build up strength by holding the circle button, and then releasing it when youíre ready to throw the ball. The best trick is to either release the ball the exact moment the ball hits Cloud's hair spike, or when his legs stop bending. When throwing the ball you can get a miss (you didn't have enough power), a hit (a perfect dunk), a hit (by bouncing the ball of the backboard and into the net) or a miss (you used too much power).

For every dunk you make, you get rewarded with 1 GP. After every ten throws you will be asked whether you want to play double chance. If you score during double chance your GP will be doubled, otherwise you will only get 1 GP. Super Dunk costs 200 gill a play. Below you can see how your score increases after every double chance.

    One dunk - 1 GP
    Ten dunks - 10 GP
    Eleven dunks - 21 GP
    Twenty dunks - 30 GP
    Twenty-one dunks - 61 GP
    Thirty dunks - 70 GP
    Thirty-one dunks - 141 GP

Wonder Catcher

Next to the Arm Wrestling unit and behind the employee who exchanges GP for prizes is the Wonder Catcher, a game of chance. There is no skill or timing required in this game, instead you simply pay 100 gill a go and the machine will eject one of seven prizes, each of which have a set probability (estimated below) for how often they will appear. Note that some prizes vary depending on whether you use the left or right side of the machine, indicated on the list by a slash (e.g. left machine / right machine).

    Nothing - 30%
    Potion - 40%
    1 GP - 18%
    3 GP - 8%
    Ether / Phoenix Down - 2.5%
    Megalixir / Elixir - 1%
    80 GP / 100 GP - 0.5%

Crystal Fortune

Not so much a game as a hint to what will happen next in the story; the fortune-telling machine will give you different results as you progress through the game for just 50 gill.

    Use caution in relationships - First Visit
    Your lucky color is red - After getting the Buggy
    You may meet someone new - After Cosmo Canyon
    You have ties with those that fly - After Nibelheim
    What you are looking for is near - After getting the Tiny Bronco
    What you search for is in the Southeast - After the date
    Beware of the north - After Temple of the Ancients
    A great turning point is near - After Forgotten Capital
    Never give up - After getting the Highwind

Mog's House

Mog's House can be found on the second floor of the arcade (itís easy to spot) and tells a short and entertaining story for your viewing pleasure. The only interaction in this game comes at the two points where you are required to feed Mog Kupo Nuts. Simply feed him until he makes a squeaking sound, and then wait for the story to carry on. Under or over feeding him will cause mog to fail at flying, and we wouldn't want that now would we? Speaking to the man standing behind you once you finish the game will net you 30 GP, however this will only happen once. Repeated plays will gain you nothing but the satisfaction of a well fed moogle.

3-D Battler

This virtual fighting game found in the centre of the second arcade floor is actually rock, paper, scissors in disguise and costs 200 gill a go. Cloud has a high, middle and low punch to choose from and depending on what your opponent chooses you will either hit, block or be hit. Your goal is to successfully hit your opponent five times to move on to the next round. There are five opponents in total, however your chances of winning are hard coded into the game meaning the fifth and final opponent is impossible to beat. Prizes are dolled out depending on how far you get.

Low punch - Beats middle, loses to high, Ties with low.
Middle punch - Beats high, loses to low, Ties with middle.
High punch - Beats low, loses to middle, ties with high.

    Pink Girl - 90% chance of winning
    Fat Wrestler - 70% chance of winning (Prize: 3 GP)
    Afro Discoman - 15% chance of winning (Prize: 30 GP)
    Red Spaceman - 10% chance of winning (Prize: 300 GP)
    Invisible One - 0% chance of winning


Located on the second floor of the arcade, G-Bike is an exact replica of the mini-game you played escaping from the Shinra Building on disc one. The twist is that for 200 gill a go your goal is to get over 10,000 points on the scoreboard. There are two types of bikers who attack you and the car you must protect; red ones that attempt to lure you away and orange ones that attack the car directly. Killing either biker will earn you 500 points; while 25 points will be deducted for every time damage is inflicted on the car. Your goal should be to clear the screen as quickly as possible so that new enemies will spawn, while always keeping the bikers away from the car.

Scoring below 10,000 points will earn you a measly 2 GP, while beating the target score will get you 10 GP. A Speed Source is also rewarded for the first time you achieve this goal.


This game is only available after you've played through the snowboarding mini-game at the beginning of disc two; however it has a surprising amount of content to dig into. For 200 gill a go this game has three courses to choose from, each of which will reward you with a prize for getting eighty-nine points or more, though it should be noted you can only get these the once.

    Course A - 30GP and Safety Bit
    Course B - 100GP and All materia
    Course C - 300GP and Crystal Bangle

Points are awarded for technique (thirty in total), time (thirty in total) and balloons (forty in total) for a maximum of one hundred points. Technique points can't be earned, only deducted for every object you bump into, while balloon points are gained for every balloon you pop. Red balloons are relatively easy to get, but are only worth one point, while blue balloons will net you 3 points and the much harder to hit green balloons will increase your total by 5 points. Similar to technique, time points are deducted for every two seconds slower you are than the target time (one minute thirty for course A, one minute forty-five for course B and two minutes for course C).

After passing the finish line you will be given a rank based on your score, listed below.

    Bad - 0-29 points
    Awful - 30-69 points
    Good - 70-99 points
    Cool - 100 points

Once you've achieved the rank Good for each course, a yellow balloon will appear at the start of each track that will activate time attack mode. As long as you stay on the snowboarding game (your data is lost if you leave) you will see a ghost moggle race with you, following the path of your quickest time. Pressing the pause button during this mode will open an options menu that will allow you to change the snow floor to a checkered grid, as well as allow you to choose whether the moggle should ride a snowboard or a sleigh.

Achieving a rank of Good on a track will make a silver balloon appear that will give you a speed up, while getting a rank of Super will give you the option to have a running cactuar replace the ghost moogle (listed as ? ? ? in the option menu).

Rank Course A Course B Course C
Very Good
01'45"000 or above
01'30"000 - 01'44"999
01'18"000 - 01'29"999
01'12"000 - 01'17"999
01'07"000 - 01'11"999
01'05"000 - 01'06"999
01'04"999 or lower
02'15"000 or above
02'00"000 - 02'14"999
01'45"000 - 01'59"999
01'31"000 - 01'44"999
01'29"000 - 01'30"999
01'27"000 - 01'28"999
01'26"999 or lower
02'30"000 or above
02'10"000 - 02'29"999
01'54"000 - 02'09"999
01'42"000 - 01'53"999
01'36"000 - 01'41"999
01'30"000 - 01'35"999
01'29"999 or lower

Torpedo Attack

The final game on the second arcade floor becomes available after the huge materia chase on disc two. There are five levels for 200 gill a pop, in which your goal is to simply destroy all the enemy submarines. With each level the difficulty will increase, more mines will get in your way and the subs will take more damage. The best trick in this game is to use your sonar heavily to locate the nearest subs and to attack them from behind. Similar to the snowboarding game, the prizes here are only handed out once.

    Original - 20 GP and Ink
    Level 1 - 20 GP and T/S Bomb
    Level 2 - 20 GP and Dragon Fang
    Level 3 - 20 GP and Dragon Scales
    Level 4 - 20 GP and Cauldron

Written by CloudANDTidus, August 2008. Introduction by Reeve, August 2004.


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