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In past years, Square has provided console makers with technical demos to display the prowess of these manufacturers' latest gaming systems. For the Nintendo 64, a demo using imagery from FFVI was created, in anticipation of that console's then-upcoming game Final Fantasy VII (see this page for more info about the N64 FFVII). When the PlayStation 2 was unveiled, a tech demo recreating scenes from FFVIII was shown.

Most recently, at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony showed off their newest console, the super-slick PlayStation 3. As a part of Sony's press conference, a number of tech demos were shown, including one that was a remake of Final Fantasy VII's opening movie! Much to the disappointment of many, Square Enix representatives were quick to tell attendees that this FFVII demo was just that-- a demo-- and there would not be a remake of the game for the PS3.

What follows are a couple of screenshots from the Final Fantasy VII Technical Demo. Keep in mind that these images are not from an FMV; they were rendered in real-time by the PS3's Cell processor.

(Special thanks to Uncle Elmo for additional information)


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