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Early in the development of Final Fantasy VII, the game was originally planned for Nintendo's next-gen console, the Ultra 64 (later renamed the Nintendo 64). However, Square later took FFVII to Sony instead, since they were going with a compact disk-based medium for their then-upcoming PlayStation (all the better to store FMVs), as opposed to the clunky cartridges Nintendo was sticking with.

Citadel regular Tristan has graciously submitted scans from the Aussie mag Nintendo Magazine System that feature images from the original N64 demo for Final Fantasy VII. This demo is unique in that it featured 3D versions of Locke, Terra, and Shadow from the SNES title Final Fantasy VI (originally released outside of Japan as Final Fantasy III). Thanks for the scans, Tristan!

From the December 1995 issue of Nintendo Magazine System:

From the January 1996 issue of Nintendo Magazine System (highlighting added). FF6's ninja character Shadow can be clearly seen in these screenshots:

From the August 1996 issue of Nintendo Magazine System. Obviously, a lot had changed in the eight months since the previous magazine article:

Update (May 2006): So it seems that the tale behind the Nintendo 64 Final Fantasy game is quite a bit more complicated than it seems. This excellent article, from the online magazine Lost Levels, includes all of the relevant details. Thanks goes out to Heyburt for the link!


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