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Final Fantasy Tactics is a strategy RPG that was released for the original PlayStation back in 1998. Although not a part of the regular Final Fantasy series, FFT holds its own as a great game, and is regarded to this day as one of the best of its genre.

The story of FFT is rather complex, filled with numerous people, places, factions, and bits of history. Basically, FFT is about the "true" story behind the Lion War which divided the land of Ivalice. The player takes on the role of Ramza Beoulve, a cadet in the Hokuten Knights, along with his best friend Delita Hyral. Throughout the course of the game, the player follows the fateful paths these two young men—especially Ramza—take during the war.

The main (and most enjoyable) sidequest in FFT is getting Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife in your party. Even though this can only be done during Chapter Four (the last one of the game) and Cloud starts at Level 1, getting him can be worth pursuing, as he has special abilities that the other characters and classes lack. However, before these special "Limit" abilities can be used, a weapon called the Materia Blade needs to be retrieved from the volcano at Bervenia by a party member with the Move-Find ability.

It may also be noted that a "flower girl" with a striking resemblence to a certain FFVII character can be encountered at certain points in FFT. You can read more about this flower girl here. Other references to FFVII include a job proposition to salvage the Highwind (this can be taken on at the pub in Warjilis Trade City), and "Materia" treasures that can be obtained, including Blue, Red, Black, and White Materia.

A brief guide to getting Cloud in Final Fantasy Tactics:

Prerequisites: You must be in Chapter Four and have Mustadio in your party.

The following three tasks can be done in any order: Go to Goug Machine City and watch the cutscene. Head to the bar in Zeltennia and listen to the rumor about "The Cursed Island". Go to Zarghidas Trade City and buy a flower from the girl there.

Next, go to Lesalia Imperial Capital and recruit Beowulf into your party. You will then need to head to Goland Coal City to obtain the dragon Reis as well as the Aquarius Zodiac Stone. Return to Goug Machine City and you will get another new party member, Worker #8. Nelveska Temple should now be unlocked; head there to get the Cancer Zodiac Stone.

Head back to Goug Machine City again and Cloud should appear. However, the disoriented young SOLDIER runs off! To get him in your party, first make sure you've visited Igros Castle, then head to Zarghidas Trade City, where Cloud has encountered someone who looks familiar. Save Cloud from the bandits, and he's as good as yours.

Written by Reeve, September 2005.


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