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  1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Original Soundtrack
  2. Song Lyrics
    1. The Promised Land
    2. Divinity I and II
    3. Advent: One Winged Angel

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Original Soundtrack

This album, published by Square Enix, was released in Japan on September 28, 2005. All tracks are composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Lyrics are by Tetsuya Nomura and Goro Matsui.

Special note: Some tracks have previously appeared on Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII. These shared tracks are the ones marked "Piano Version".

Disk One

  1. Opening
  2. The Promised Land
  3. Beyond the Wasteland
  4. Sign
  5. Tifa's Theme (Piano Version)
  6. For the Reunion
  7. Fighting (Piano Version)
  8. Water
  9. Materia
  10. Black Water
  11. Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)
  12. Battle in the Forgotten City
  13. Violator
  14. The Northern Crater (FFVII:AC Version)
Disk Two
  1. The Heaven it Comes, - Divinity I -
  2. Fighting (FFVII:AC Version)
  3. Those Who Fight Further (FFVII:AC Version)
  4. The Heaven it Comes, - Divinity II -
  5. Encounter
  6. The Highway Chase
  7. Savior
  8. J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII:AC Version)
  9. Advent: One Winged Angel
  10. Cloud Smiles
  11. End Credits

Song Lyrics - The Promised Land

Cur in gremio haeremus?
Cur poenam cordi parvo damus?
Stella nobis non concessit
Parvus pulsus
Cor mortem ducens
Venarum pulsus in terram fluens
Vita mollis in stellam redeunt
Animam sacrificare necesse est?
Cur in gremio haeremus?
Cur veniam petimus?
In terra fatali?

(For a fully annotated translation of "The Promised Land", check out this page.)

Song Lyrics - Divinity I and II

Caelo missus rex
Poena terrae motus
Error humanus
Cujus fructus foris
Cujus verbum clavis
Calamitas excitata ab imo
Cum haustus ext fremitu
Cum levatus ext carmine
Fatum invitans ruina sive paradisus

Pauci resistentes
Sola Dea fatum novit

Song Lyrics - Advent: One Winged Angel

(Note that the lyrics differ from those in the original "One Winged Angel" from FFVII. For those lyrics, click here.)

Noli manere in memoria.
Saevam iram et dolorem
ferum terribile fatus
veni, mi fili.
Hic veni, da mihi mortem iterum,
qui mortem invitavis,
poena funesta natus,
noli nomen vocare.
Ille iterum veniet.

(For a fully annotated translation of "Advent: One Winged Angel", check out this page.)


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