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Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 01:13 PM EST

Dissidia Coming to Europe This Autumn

Square Enix's European branch announced today that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be released in Europe and other PAL territories in Autumn 2009. For further details, check out the press release via the link below.



Posted by Reeve at 09:02 AM EST

The Compilation of FFVII: Still Not Done

Several gaming sites, including Kotaku and IGN have reported on Tetsuya Nomura's latest interview in Famitsu, including some interesting information about the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

In a passage somewhat reminiscent of 1UP's interview with Crisis Core's director, Nomura says that he's done all he wants to do with Advent Children, but does have ideas for the next entry in the Compilation, or perhaps an entirely new Compilation: "We do have an idea for the next Compilation, and for the time being, that's all we can say. It won't start up anytime soon." Regarding that last sentence: seeing as how Nomura is currently busy with FFXIII and Kingdom Hearts-related projects, we don't expect to hear any new announcements for some time.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 09:51 AM EST

AC Complete Confirmed for June Release in North America

Thanks to ff7heart for noting in the comments of the last post that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has confirmed a North American release for Advent Children Complete. Note that the release date given here is June 1st.

European and Australian release dates are still unknown, but we will post them as soon as they become available.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 09:02 PM EST

AC Complete in June? (Part Two)

Joystiq and other sites are now reporting that June 7th is the rumored North American release date for Advent Children Complete. The source this time is, though according to Joystiq, representatives of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment themselves couldn't confirm the details. It's worth noting, however, that the Amazon preorder release date remains June 2nd.

As always, we will post new info as it rolls in.


Monday, March 23rd, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 08:24 AM EST

AC Complete in North America in June - Updated

DVD Times reports that Advent Children Complete will be available in the United States on June 2nd of this year, and will retail for $38.96. It will feature Japanese, English, and French language tracks; subtitles in several languages; and what appears to be all of the extras from the original DVD release. In addition, the Denzel OAV and an "Exclusive Sneak Peek at Final Fantasy XIII" will be included.

As DVD Times is the only place we've seen this news posted, we're keeping an eye out for further information, and will keep you all updated.

ETA: A second site, TheHDRoom, has also posted information about AC Complete's US release and notes that is now taking preorders.


Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 09:24 AM EST

AC Complete Commercial, "On the Way to a Smile" and Postcard Books, and Importing Information

Kotaku has posted a 15-second television commercial for Advent Children Complete now airing in Japan.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy Compilations brings the news that a book of "On the Way to a Smile" tales will go on sale in Japan the same day as AC Complete: April 16. This book will contain the original three stories along with four news ones focused on Nanaki, Yuffie, Shinra, and the Lifestream. It's also come to my attention that a postcard book is being published for an April 20th release date; it will feature 24 postcards with images from AC Complete.

Finally, I have noticed some concern and skepticism about the English-language teaser trailer for AC Complete, and given the tortuous history of the original AC's international versions, what with its constantly shuffled release dates, I don't blame anyone for feeling that way. Importing is an option that our visitors might want to look into, especially since the Japanese release of AC Complete has been confirmed to have an English-language dub (though it's not known if this will be the case with the Denzel OAV and/or any other bonus content). It is unknown at this time if AC Complete will be region-locked or region-free, but for those of you living in the Americas, India, or Southeast Asia, keep in mind that Japan is in the same Blu-Ray region.

For anyone interested in importing AC Complete, Play-Asia and CD Japan are currently taking preorders; they are both reliable, trustworthy online stores and come highly recommended. And of course, rest assured that we will post any new and concrete information concerning an international release of AC Complete as soon as we get it. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Posted by Reeve at 04:10 PM EST

AC Complete: Image From Denzel OAV

On the Advent Children Complete front, there isn't much new, save for an decently-sized image from the Denzel OAV that will be packaged with the movie. See this pic at Kotaku, along with a few screens from AC Complete itself at Famitsu.

Kotaku also notes that the Japanese release of AC Complete will contain over thirty minutes of new footage and include an English-language voice track. Also, please be aware that Kotaku's note about it going on sale in Japan this month is incorrect; AC Complete is still scheduled for an April 16th release date.


Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 08:42 PM EST

Fanfiction, fanart and site update

Advent Children CompleteToday we have massive update to the Citadel. First among them are several new additions to the fanfiction archive. Our very own ex-webmaster Reeve has returned with the first chapter in her new epic AVALANCHE Chronicles, a retelling of the Final Fantasy VII story in a world without Jenova. Regular contributor Snowpuppet is also back this week with the next three chapters in her ongoing epic, Final Fantasy VII-Twisted, another popular alternate reality take on the FFVII story.

Next up we have two new authors joining our ranks. Ravynne Nevyrmore has submitted a short drama/romance piece entitled Reflections of Refection, in which Vincent spends some history-charged time in Lucrecia's company. New author WingedVictory250 has also brought the first three parts in an epic named Crisis: A Novelization of Final Fantasy VII, which as the name suggests is an attempt to novelize the game in detail.

We also have some new fanart in our update today. First Ravynne Nevyrmore has contributed twelve new pieces which can be found in the N-R section of the Fanart page, while Foxygirlchan adds another eight in the D-M section.

Elsewhere on the site we now have a page detailing everything you need to know about the soon to be released Advent Children Complete, which includes a host of high definition images from the film. Minor updates have also been made to the Errors, Mistakes, and Contradictions and Final Fantasy VII Demo Versions pages, and we have a couple new items on our Links page.

As usual, if you are interested in submitting fanfiction, fanart, news or information to the Citadel, please consult our Submission Policy page.