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At the 2006 Tokyo Game Show Square-Enix announced a director's cut version of Advent Children, titled Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, for release on the high definition Blu-ray Disc format. The film will feature new scenes, including one in which Sephiroth impales Cloud on his sword. It will also give a larger focus to the children of Edge and the character of Kadaj.

Advent Children Complete will have a "limited release worldwide" on April 16th 2009, alongside a new original OVA based on On the Way to a Smile: Case of Denzel. In Japan the Standard Edition will be available for 4900, while a First Edition will go for 5900 and a Advent Children branded PlayStation 3 bundle will sell for 49,980. The two later editions will also include an exclusive Final Fantasy XIII demo disc.

Additional images:
Cloud And Sephiroth
Denzel | 2
Reno | 2 | 3
Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo | 2

Written by CloudANDTidus, March 2009.


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