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This area attempts to catalogue old bits and pieces of the FFVII Citadel. During the evolution of the site, images and pages would be discarded to make room for newer 'replacements'.

Sad to say, but many obsolete files were permanently lost due to periodical hard-drive crashes and site-account deletions. However, a fair number of files have managed to survive the turmoil from the first days of the FFVII Citadel in early 1998 up until just before the last site overhaul in mid-2004. As a gift to visitors, we have salvaged these files and polished them for your viewing. Older visitors may faintly recall these images. It certainly brings back the memories... have fun as we take a stroll down memory lane.

Ambigore: Before we proceed, I'd like to thank Cyrus Dogstar for doing a splendid job of saving these files during the chaotic days of the GeoCities and GamersUplink crisis.

Reeve: I would also like to thank Cyrus Dogstar, for giving me copies of his old Citadel files, as well as ChibiTaryn, who managed to salvage a lot of images from the old Acmlm Messageboard.

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