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Last revised June 1, 2007.

  1. Who do I send email to?
    Please see the Submission Policies for contact information. Also note that due to the large volume of email received, we are not able to personally answer all letters.

  2. Can I contribute something to the site?
    Of course. If you have fanfics, fanart, or anything else of interest, please send it to us. However, the quality of contributions must be acceptable. Please see the Submission Policies for guidelines and further details.

  3. Can I join the site?
    Typically, the FFVII Citadel itself is overseen by one webmaster, and staff members are only added on an "as needed" basis. The Citadel's Forums does have a regular staff of its own; however, there are rarely any open positions.

    At any rate, anyone who wishes to add something to the Citadel can simply email us with details and if it's any good, it'll be included on the site (with proper credit given, of course). In that sense, you're already a part of the Citadel! Please see the Submission Policies for guidelines and further details.

  4. Can we swap links?
    Sure. We generally prefer interesting, Final Fantasy-related sites, but we're also open to other types of links that may appeal to the Citadel's visitors. Please see the Links page for further information.

  5. Can you display my banner on your main page?
    In most cases, no. In exceptional cases, such as for sponsors and affiliates, I'll add a banner (please note that at this time, affiliation requests are not being considered). The Citadel's criteria for affiliation is listed on the Links page.

  6. How do you get (insert item here)? How do you defeat (insert monster here)? Etc.
    I'm very sorry, but I don't have much time available to answer specific gameplay-related questions regarding Final Fantasy VII. If you have any such queries, and for some reason can't find the answers you need on the Citadel, then please contact our Oracle at

  7. I'm having trouble running the PC version of FFVII! What should I do?
    This useful thread in the Forums was created to address any and all problems with installing and running FFVII PC. If the problem you are having is not yet covered in that thread, feel free to add a new reply and one of our forum regulars may be able to help you out.

  8. How did you make those FFVII-themed games?
    Ambigore responds: You're asking me to disclose hacking technology! But seriously, look out for programs called hex or byte editors. If you know hexadecimals and ASCII, then these programs may be of some use. I can't really give a tutorial on how to use these programs as it has taken years of trial and error to understand them. I suggest you do the same.

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