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Gee, where to begin... I have many people to thank, whether they've contributed to the site directly or not. To keep this list short, I'll only mention those who've made significant contributions or influences. --Ambigore

Aman / Roy D. Mercer

Roy found it in his heart to relinquish "the Citadel" when I felt the urge to recreate the FFVII site again back in late 1998.

Uncle Elmo

A Square enthusiast and general, all-round good bloke. He convinced me to create the site in the first place and provided a few stone-laying tips to webmastering. His time in the Citadel community goes a long way back to the glorious FF8 HQ days in early 1998.

The FF8 HQ Gang

Uncle Elmo, Jade Weapon, Chibi-chan, Death FRB... I think that's it. And of course, who can forget the 'disappeared', including Tseng, Beo, Kaskade, Mainge, and the infamous Hmaht? *sob* I wish you guys were all here again.


A die-hard Final Fantasy VII fan. He oversaw the site for a six-month period and made a few modifications.

Cloud (aka Mike Z.)

At one time during the site's construction, he compiled a horde of FF7 information for me to post up. You can still see some of his work around here. Anyway, thanks Cloud! Hope you come back soon, wherever you've gone.


Another contributor to the site. He was beginning a monster guide for the FF7 Citadel and, like Cloud, mysteriously vanished one day. Hence, the monster guide was never completed. *sob* Please come back...

Player70 (currently retired)

Current High Priest of the Oracle. I'm not sure how hard he works but I trust he does answer the e-mail he receives from the Oracle. He better! Thanks for relieving some of the workload for me, Player70.

Death FRB

A serious Final Fantasy VII gamer, and lucky gamer who visited E3 in 1998. Both of us got into a few good scraps over the possibility of a sequel to Final Fantasy VII way back in early 1998. He influenced me to create many of the articles found on this site, especially those regarding plot holes and sequel possibilities. Without him, I don't think the Final Fantasy VII Citadel would be taken so seriously... remember to keep in touch Death!


A nice visitor who made my early FF8 HQ and FF7 Citadel days extremely enjoyable. She even drew a few nice pics for me! Sweet. Thanks Chibi.

Jade Weapon

Credit goes out to Jade Weapon for being the psycho she is! Jade knows a bit of Japanese and was able to play FF8 before any of us. Unfair... anyway Jade too is an old-timer and deserves respect and salutation from the FF7 ranks.


A long-lost, fellow Aeris sympathiser. I have no idea where he is now, and I doubt he remembers me. Anyway, from my prompting way back in Jan/Feb '98, he created a site solely designed to initiate an Aeris-resurrection campaign. He had a grand idea of starting a movement with a president. Alas, the idea fizzled and I guess we both moved on.

Tobby Tough

Another long-lost, fellow Aeris Resurrection believer. He had his own site and was impressed by my argument about a possible resurrection during Jan/Feb '98 he invited me over to his site. Then he mysteriously stopped working on his site one day and disappeared.

Eric H.

Writer of the first few articles at the site. He's now working on the epic Final Fantasy VII Story, which promises to be special.

Cyrus Dogstar

Past webmaster and messageboard administrator. Cyrus supervised the various messageboards of the FFVII Citadel, and maintained the site during my early-mid 2001 absence. Cyrus' dedication, wit and charm has to be admired. Thanks, Cyrus.

Ben rhymes with Hen

Ben's the creator of the FFVII game Chocobo Raining and is also the webmaster of the Final Fantasy VII Zone. Ben tried programming what promised to be an epic FFVII game called the Kalm Traveller. Alas, its current status is unknown. Still, Ben's determination for originality must be respected. Nice work Ben!

The Gang

Everybody else I know not mentioned here. That includes BlueJay, Cid, Cloud, Mallin, Silicon Wolf, Chibi-chan, Sephy Mwa Ha Ha, etc. Sorry if I didn't include your name! Its hard skimming names off the top of my head.

The Citadel Netizens

(From Cyrus Dogstar) And, aside from everyone Ambigore has thanked, I want to thank everyone else who is a part of the Citadel community, from the heavily involved people who appeared after Ambigore stopped updating the site, to the one or two lurkers who have probably joined up today ^_^ This website and the messageboard are nothing without you people; major props to all of ya for sticking with a community based on a 5-year-old game. Here's hoping we can stick around for another 5 :)


(From Reeve) Though she has a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Citadel, her contributions to the site have been invaluable, both as a webmaster/staff member and as a contributor. In addition to her submissions of fanart and writings, ChibiTaryn moved the Citadel to a proper domain and hosted both the site and the forums for a time. She also designed a number of the Citadel's banners, and recently launched the FF7 Citadel's deviantART club. Thanks for all of your hard work, ChibiTaryn!


(From Reeve) After the closure of The FFVII Battle Square (an old affiliate of ours), Desibabu graciously donated the entire contents of his site to the Citadel. As of this writing, I've only just begun to include the material on the Citadel, and there's still a bit more to come. Thanks again, Desibabu; your generosity will not soon be forgotten.

The Forum Staffers

(From Reeve) And of course, how could I forget the admins and moderators of the Citadel's Forums? Their dedication to their tasks is certainly commendable, and I wish them all the best in their plans for the Forums' future. Thanks are in order for Regent Cosmos, Ambigore, BlueJay, Digital Holocaust, Sephiroth9611, SOLDIER Officer 81, Seb, and God Hand.

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