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Giant-Sized Aeris

The most infamous (and definately the weirdest) place in the Debug Room is the one directly to the south of Yuffie (who stands in the "lobby"). It contains only three characters: the Doctor from Mideel, his Nurse, and a huge sprite of Aeris. The Doctor and Nurse are standing fairly still, but Aeris is hopping up and down and gesturing excitedly. All three are dimly-lit, and "Electric de Chocobo" plays as the background music. When you first get to this room, you're given the following options:

If you choose "For those in a hurry", you'll get the regular Aeris menu. All of these options will take you to story events in Mideel and the Lifestream; unfortunately, the last selection can't be chosen:

However, if you choose "For those with a little time", you will be able to talk to any one of the characters. The Doctor and Nurse give you some fairly standard options (change party members and the like), but as you approach Aeris, the following window will open, accompanied by a sound effect of a scream:

It's as if the ground is in pain from Cloud walking on top of it! Anyway, talk to Aeris, and she'll greet you with:

Cloud nods, and Aeris goes into her "thinking" pose. She then gives you the same menu options as before, with one little difference:

Note that not only is Hades a summon in the game, it is also a synonym for "Hell". Ask to go "To Hades!", and Aeris will say:

Nothing happens after this remark of hers, and you're free to talk to the characters again. If you talk to Aeris afterward, she'll say:

...then give you the same menu options as before.

Finally, one very unusual aspect about this part of the Debug Room is your menu options. Some parts of the Debug Room rename your characters and/or change your party members. Not so with this place. Instead, you get no party members whatsoever:

Also, take note of the location. It may be that "Dark city fourth street" somehow refers to Midgar, but there's no way to verify this.

Of course, this being the Debug Room, which was used by programmers to test various parts of the game, it's likely that someone at Square with a very twisted sense of humor wrote the dialogue here, thinking that it would remain safely hidden from players. It's worth noting that Aeris appears in other parts of the Debug Room, but never quite like this.

Written by Reeve, October 2004 (revised July 2005). Special thanks to Heyburt for an additional tidbit of info.


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