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Date: Oct 7, 2005 1:25 PM
Subject: Yellow Orb Theory (Among other related things)


I was reading over the theories already on the site, and notice that all of them seem to look at it from one view or another...except this one. Cloud isn't looking at Aeris, or Holy, or the Promise Land, or any of that...he may actually be looking at the planet as it would appear in the future. Possibly under the control of Sephiroth and Jenova if he fails to finish Sephiroth off.

In the game, we learn that Jenova crashed to the world, and began perverting the inhabitants, infecting them and causing them to become violent and demonic. Perhaps even in the way the mako-bathed people became monsters in the Nibelheim flashback. It is also revealed to us now that when she takes over a planet, she 'rides' it while seeking out larger worlds to take over. Taking over the planet as she would take over a being, could she not also distort the planet?

My theory is that Cloud recongnizes the yellow orb as his planet. Or rather, as the planet would look in the future with Jenova perverting it's appearance to her own whims. It would suit her to make it look as pale and sickly as it does, considering all of her forms look as pale and sickly in their own rights. Jenova Synthesis even has a large, round-ish pale-yellow part to her body that could be said to be similar. Perhaps such a distortion could be seen as an ego trip on her part, modeling her conquered world after a part of her own body.

Certainly if Cloud, or anyone for that matter, saw and realized this, they would certainly pause and stare for a moment. Staring at the abomination of their world, and reaffirming their resolve to save it. It certainly wouldn't take long, as Cloud doesn't watch too long. I believe if it were Aeris of the Promise Land, he'd have watched it a bit longer.

Whether or not Aeris had anything to do with the image, I would say she did. There is a myrid of pale, almost ethereal, wisps or clouds in view. These could be faint essences of the Life Stream (Too little and it doesn't show the green too well, hence why I suggest that), or it could be water. Aeris was laid to rest in water. So it could be symbolic of the water clouding her vision as she gives it to Cloud. Cloud would then see it through her eyes. See the future the Planet has shown her, through the very water he lay her in.

If he made the connection that it was her vision, then it still connects his lines about meeting her 'there.' About seeing her in the Promised Land. It could very well be that this planet itself is the promised land. Certainly much of it would seem ideal for ending a journey and living the remainder of one's life. The Ancient Capital, the Sleeping Forest, the Northern Crater (Or even the land it was before Jenova crashed)...all are so beautiful and serene that a life spent there would seem dreamy. The fact the Cetra had a permanent capital at all suggests their journey had ended on the northern continent.

To summarize: The yellow orb is the planet. The planet knew Jenova would twist it if she was allowed to take over. It gave Aeris this image, as she had already returned to it and she was close to Cloud. Aeris sent Cloud this ethereal image to show him what would happen. Cloud recognized the source and thus got the message. Strengthening his resolve, he went to finish Sephiroth. He has a final vision of Aeris reaching out to him (Or Tifa, but he couldn't see her so Aeris could be seen as facilitating Cloud's savior in this event). Figuring out that she's still out there somewhere, he comes up with the notion he can still meet her.

I hope that all made sense. I did try to analyze everything. Thank you for your time reading.



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