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Subject: Theory regarding Ian GM's "Aeris Cave death"
Date: Sep 21, 2005 9:06 PM

The following thoughts are composed off of other theories from "The Yellow Orb" and Ian GM's Theory on Aeris Death in the Crater and other bits from "What we shouldn't have seen".

If you go with Ian GMs Theory and the Theory that the yellow Orb at the end of the game was the Holy Materia, then the rest will make sense.

If Aeris was once considered to die in the Cave (Crater) where Sephiroth was held, then the Holy materia, like it did in the forgotten capital, would have fallen from her and landed somewhere in the crater. It would have then been dropped into the lifestream after the place collapsed. This would place the Holy Materia into the lifestream, thus explaining why we would see it in the tunnel to seph clips. Some other points towards this Theory are:

1. The Holy Materia had to be used in a place where there was a lot of spiritual energy, that's why in the game the Forgotten Capital was selected. However, why not the crater? The Crater has plenty of energy!

2. Before you fight Sephiroth at the end of the game, Cloud implies that the glowing orb of light is Holy. Why is Holy here? For every other materia, once used, its casted from the origin. Wouldn't Holy have appeared at the capital?

3. This one is a little less precise but it kind of makes sense. After Cloud kills Seph for the last time, he sees Aeris hand reaching out to him, like I said this is a little off and could simply be a symbolic thing but it would make more sense for her to "be there" if she died there"

Obviously, if this method of death was removed by Square, they removed all traces of this and switched it to what we see. However, like a lot of other stuff in the game, there are traces of things that we can't normally see, so maybe the kept the ending tunnel FMV simply because they did not want to change it.

Consider this, if the Yellow Orb IS Holy materia, and its place there was carried over from changes made involving Aeris death point, then Cloud stopping to notice the Holy Materia (Left over from when Aeris died) was simple saying "I must kill Seph in order for Holy to move" and once again they did not remove that section for what ever reason (budget/time)

So combining all that it seems to be that it was plausible that Square at one stage did plan to have Aeris die in the Crater and the only thing they kept was subtle things listed above.

I would very much appreciate you considering this Theory and your comments on it and post it on your site. If not then I would still like to here your agreement or counter arguments to the above.




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