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Subject: Yellow Orb
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 19:26:12 -0700

The orb is Aeris.

Grandfather's explanation, as well as parts of the story line throughout the game, demonstrate each piece of the lifestream as a being who has died. Every dot is part of a being. This is to symbolize how the lifestream and the universe are bound. Each star has a life and a purpose, connected with all other stars as they float and travel through space, just like a life essence, floating, searching for their own way until they return to the basic building blocks of the universe.

The yellow orb is singled out. Prevented from joining with the others. It's also brighter and more vibrant--representing a being more powerful than your average joe.

Sephiroth's presence has disturbed the lifestream in innumerable ways. To stop aries from joining hte lifestream he most likely had to completely shut down all entrances to the lifestream. This would be why the yellow orb would appear with the others.

OR if you don't buy that-- then it's a representation of the universe and the yellow is meteor, or the yellow is the world in pain who's gonna get pounded by meteor.

I believe it's Aeris. The conversation and entire tone of the story line when dealing with the lifestream suggests that each orb is an individual making the journey to the lifestream, aries would stand out since she is a Cetra and is far more powerful than any other normal being.



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