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Subject: Yellow Orb
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 22:11:53 EST

My interpretation of the yellow orb is that it is actually Meteor falling from the sky. The picture is seen as water, but it looks more like a refelction. if in the refelction, the sky is seen, then the yellow orb is the Meteor that is about to crash into the planet. The other white orbs? Perhaps they are moons, if Tattooine in Star Wars could have 2 suns, then it is a possibility that the world of FF7 has 2 moons. The other dots are stars. If you look at the right of the screenshot, it looks like a reflection of a side of the crater. I believe this is probably the most logical theory. It's a reflection of the Meteor indication that it's close to falling and that the mission must be compleated. It cleary reminds you of the mission at hand.



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