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Subject: Secrets & Mysteries answers
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2000 15:33:46 EDT

The yellow orb. I believe that this big ball of yellowness is in fact both Aeris' spirit AND Holy. Remember how when in the Anciets' City with Bugenhagen (this actually may not be the time, but I know it's in there somewhere!) you found out that the Planet had heard Aeris' prayers? And how Bugenhagen said that it couldn't move until Sephiroth was killed? Well, same thing for Aeris' spirit. She couldn't go to her Promised Land until Sephiroth was dead.

A reason as for why it's not moving is because of the two white balls of light. I believe that these balls of whiteness are Sephiroth and Jenova's spirits. The two balls are the same color because both of them have Jenova cells (Jenova had Jenova cells [duh!] and Sephiroth was injected with Jenova cells).

Also note the difference in the cloudiness in the beginning movie and the yellow orb movie. The reason that the first FMV was just stars was because of a lot of reasons. Here they are:

1. No one knew of Sephiroth's return.

2. Holy hadn't been activated.

3. The Lifestream hadn't done anything about anything.

Now in the yellow orb FMV, I think the cloudiness is Lifestream (As said in statement 3). In the final movie, Holy wasn't powerful enough to stop Meteor on it's own. So the Lifestream helped. Same thing was happening with the yellow orb. Aeris and Holy weren't enough to stop the combined power of Jenova and Sephiroth. So the Lifestream helped.

One more thing. Notice the brightness of the stars in first FMV and the orb FMV. They're brighter in the orb one, aren't they? Well, that's because not only is the LIfestream helping, but the souls of OTHER planets (A little help on the Ancients and space travel.) The souls of the other planets knew that the Lifestream and Holy needed help to save one of the Ancients from not getting to the Promised Land, and to help the Ancients defeat their enemy.


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