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From: BlueJay
Subject: An Idea on the Yellow Orb Theory
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 04:28:34 -0400

I, BlueJay, believe that the Yellow Orb is a vision of the 'Promised Land', but it is a specific planet. The Orb appears to have clouds and land masses much like a planet. Materia is transparent, ruling out Holy, and supporting the Promised Land idea. So does the sentence Cloud says, 'I think I can meet her there.'

Now, I believe that the orb is a vision of the Promised Land, and that the Promised Land is a planet in the Alpha Centauri System. I feel this is supported for many reasons. First, Alpha Centauri is a very close system to ours. The Final Fantasy VII world is identified as Earth. Safer Sephiroth, shows that this world is surrounded by many familiar planets of our solar system by the Nova summon suggesting that the FF7 universe is the same as the real one. Therefore, it is probable that Alpha Centauri is close in the FF7 universe, so it maybe easier for Cetra to travel there. Second, telescopes around the world have found that planets are in the Alpha Centauri system. But, as you may know, several solar systems have planets. Why would I suggest Alpha Centauri? Well, Alpha Centauri has two stars. If you look at the image of the yellow orb, you will notice that two large white orbs are on either side of it. These white orbs may be the stars of the system. Finally, recently, many sci-fi and fantasy stories and games use a planet in Alpha Centauri as a fertile place to colonize or to escape a dying Earth. FF7 is a sci-fi/fantasy game. Therefore, Squaresoft may have chosen this system as the Promised Land. After all, where there is life, there is Mako!!!

This concludes my theory.


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