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If you want any more proof of Final Fantasy VII's outstanding success, then here it is. FF7 not only scooped many of the honours in the prestigious '97-98 Hyper Reader Awards, but it was also crowned the Ultimate Game of '97-98 on both PC and PlayStation. Well done, Square.

Ultimate Game of '97-98

  1. Final Fantasy VII
    (PSX, PC) Squaresoft (19% of votes)

  2. Golden Eye 007
    (N64) Rare (16% of votes)

  3. Tomb Raider 2
    (PSX, PC) Core (13% of votes)

Hyper says: "This was such a contest, and so many games got votes... in fact over 70 different titles were nominated, but of course many of them only got a few votes. Final Fantasy VII obviously impressed a lot of people to take out the title this year, but Goldeneye was never far behind.

"The amazing thing is that it was a Role Playing Game (RPG) that won. This has traditionally been one of the least popular genres in gaming (if sales figures are anything to go by), so this is a huge achievement by SquareSoft."

Best Role Playing Game of '97-98

  1. Final Fantasy VII
    (PSX, PC) Squaresoft (83% of votes)

  2. Might and Magic VI
    (PC) New World Computing (5% of votes)

  3. Lands of Lore II
    (PC) Westwood (4% of votes)

Hyper says: "In the same way Diablo had mass appeal last year, Final Fantasy VII has done it this year. With an awesome storyline, gorgeous artwork, great characters, and so many hidden extras within the game, Final Fantasy VII was always going to be a big hit. The Hyper crew were stoked to see Might and Magic VI also get a few votes, as it is a great epic itself."

Best Music in a Game '97-98

  1. Gran Turismo
    (PlayStation) Sony (32% of votes)

  2. Final Fantasy VII
    (PSX, PC) SquareSoft (30% of votes)

  3. PaRappa the Rapper
    (PSX) Sony (27% of votes)

Hyper says: "It seems that a collection of known songs has proven more popular than original music for video game music. Gran Turismo featured tracks from Garbage, Korn, and Cubanate with perhaps the best track for the game, Oxyacetylene. SquareSoft's Final Fantasy VII impressed many with the huge amount of music custom made to suit various situations within the storyline, which will hopefully happen in more RPGs as time goes by."

Best PlayStation Game '97-98

  1. Final Fantasy VII
    Squaresoft (27% of votes)

  2. Tekken 3
    Namco (24% of votes)

  3. Tomb Raider 2
    Core (18% of votes)

Hyper says: "Final Fantasy VII has managed to remain popular all year round and has come out on top of all the PlayStation titles. Titles that were just outside the top three included Gran Turismo and Resident Evil... which means of the top five games, four were from Japan."

Best Game Character '97-98

  1. Abe
    Abe's Oddysee (39% of votes)

  2. Lara Croft
    Tomb Raider 2 (16% of votes)

  3. Sephiroth
    Final Fantasy VII (13% of votes)

Hyper says: "Well, who ever would have thought that a wrinkly green creature who farts as a means of communication would ever be more popular than a woman like Lara? Sephiroth got enough votes to imply that a cool villain will always be loved as much as a hero."

These were all the categories that Final Fantasy VII featured in the '97-98 Hyper Reader Awards. Final Fantasy VII has made its stamp in gaming history by being voted the Ultimate Game of the Year. There is no greater glory than that. Two thumbs up, Square!


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