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During the early days of FFVII, Square proceeded to advertise the game like there was no tomorrow. Sadly, most of those advertisements have disappeared into the bin of history. A lone remnant of the online campaign has been recovered, however. I personally love this particular animation. Take a peek below.

Final Fantasy VII

Ever wondered what Square's television campaign was like? We have a RealMedia file of the Final Fantasy VII commercial. It is approximately 150K big. Apologies for the movie's low quality, but nevertheless, you should find it entertaining. Click on the link below to view the movie.

The FFVII Commercial

Finally, four magazine advertisements have been salvaged-- the first two by F. Misakos, the third by cloudheaven, and the fourth by The Thirteenth Dark Knight. All three are viewable by clicking on the thumbnails below. The first advertisement is a reference to the overpricing of N64 cartridges with relation to PSX CDs. It made some controversy as Square were once loyal to Nintendo, and embittered some old-school Nintendo/Square fans.

The second advertisement has a strong Japanese influence. 'Program boy?' Don't you mean programmer?

The third advertisement looks like it might've been a two-page spread. It uses a simple, single bit of copy as the text.

The fourth advertisement is definately a two page spread. This one appeared in Rolling Stone, the long-running music and entertainment magazine. Note its similarity to the first ad, in terms of layout.

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