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Could this be the highest score recorded on the Gold Saucer's rollercoaster? M. Eyal has certainly provided a good case by registering a whopping 28500 points during a recent trip.

28500 points

Mr. Eyal explains there's a neat trick to scoring such a high total of points. Unknown to many players is the fact the propellers of the blimp (pictured below) can be shot. Hitting them continuously will earn you thousands of points.

Hit the blimp's propellers

Well done, Mr. Eyal. Can any budding FFVII player beat his score? A screenshot must be provided as evidence.

UPDATE - June 2001: Well, this achievement has been disputed by G. Sparrow who argues it is impossible to gain points from the blimp and the screenshot above has been doctored. However, he has provided some tips on how to gain points in other ways:

  • Shoot a yellow rock located within the cannon area of the game. It is situated on a high wall, and barely discernible.
  • The paddles of the steam boat within the game can be shot for 1 point. Continue to shoot at this to accumulate more points.
  • Before the UFO appears, there are lights that appear alongside the helicopter targets. Shooting a light will earn you 80 points.
  • Right towards the end of the game, a spotlight on the left-hand side of the track can be shot for 200 points. You must place your target in the lower left corner of your screen as you turn the corner.
Thanks for those tips, Mr. Sparrow.

UPDATE - March 2002: A higher score and screenshot have been submitted to the FFVII Citadel. Caerlas has submitted a screenshot showing his huge 30664 high score!

30664 points


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