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PlayStation owners will notice whenever they view their saved games on the console's memory card manager, they'll see the faces of certain FFVII characters.

How are the faces determined? They correspond to the slot location of each particular saved game. Listed below are the slot locations and their corresponding face icon.

  • Slot 1: Cloud Strife
  • Slot 2: Barret Wallace
  • Slot 3: Aeris Gainsborough
  • Slot 4: Cait Sith
  • Slot 5: Red XIII
  • Slot 6: Cid Highwind
  • Slot 7: Tifa Lockheart
  • Slot 8: Vincent Valentine
  • Slot 9: Yuffie Kisaragi
  • Slot 10: Rufus
  • Slot 11: Tseng
  • Slot 12: Elena
  • Slot 13: Rude
  • Slot 14: Reno
  • Slot 15: Sephiroth

Last updated January 2006. Special thanks to Jeannine for a couple of corrections.


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