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From August 31 through September 2nd, 2007, Square Enix hosted an exhibit celebrating Final Fantasy VII's tenth anniversary at the Aoyama Spiral Garden in Tokyo. This well-attended exhibit featured not only original production artwork, but also a timeline of FFVII milestones and previously released and upcoming merchandise.

The opening reception for the gallery on August 30th was attended by representatives from Square Enix and Sony, as well as press and fans. FFVII-themed drinks were served, and Ayaka performed her single "Why", the theme song from the then-upcoming Crisis Core.

What follows are photos from this exhibition, taken by the Japanese gaming news site Game Watch.

- A placard with the hours and opening reception info.

- Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, who spoke at the opening reception.
- Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai, who also spoke.
- A note by Kaz Hirai placed on a special FFVII 10th Anniversary banner. It reads: "Congratulations on 10 Fantastic Years! The best is yet to come"

- A Suntory representative announces the canned version of the FFVII Potion.
- The canned FFVII Potions.
- Special edition canned FFVII Potions. Each can comes with a Trading Arts Mini figure.
- A poster showing the Trading Arts FFVII Potions.

- There were FFVII-themed cocktails available at the reception. Here is a "One Winged Angel".
- And here is a "Lifestream".

- An overview of the Gallery.
- Some of the posters lining the walls.

- An FFVII Timeline.
- The original Japanese release of FFVII for the PS1.

- A life-size Buster Sword replica. Note that it's the "new" Buster Sword design as seen in Crisis Core and other Compilation titles.
- A model of Midgar.

- Concept art from FFVII. Includes drawings of Sephiroth, Cloud on his Hardy Daytona, Red XIII, the Highwind, Safer Sephiroth, Bizarro Sephiroth, Ruby Weapon, and four of the regular monsters.
- Storyboards for summon and limit break sequences.

- Some FFVII products that were, at the time of the Gallery, currently available. Here's the 10th Anniversary pendants.
- Advent Children, ShinRa, and Dirge of Cerberus collectables.

- A case full of (mostly) upcoming products. Among the items are FFVII Play Arts of Cloud (w/Hardy Daytona), Aeris, Tifa, Vincent, Sephiroth, Yuffie, and Red XIII and Cait Sith; Advent Children Play Arts of Yuffie, Reno, and Kadaj; and the Aeris Sculpture Arts.
- Cloud Strife w/Hardy Daytona Play Arts.
- The high-end Masterpiece Arts Sephiroth and Cloud.

- The limited-edition Crisis Core package.
- The regular version of Crisis Core.

Here are some of the FFVII posters on display at the event. Special thanks to CloudANDTidus for submitting these images!

- Tifa (FFVII version)
- Zack (first CC version)
- Zack (second CC version)
- Aeris (FFVII version)
- Red XIII and Cait Sith (AC versions)
- Vincent (AC/DC version)
- Yuffie (FFVII version)
- Yuffie (AC version)
- Barret and Marlene (AC versions)
- Rufus, Rude, and Reno (AC versions)


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