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by BlueJay

The WEAPONS are powerful monsters created by the Planet when it is in danger. In known history, only five WEAPONS have ever been created. All five were "manufactured" shortly after a being called Jenova fell to the Planet. Jenova was contained by the Cetra, so the WEAPONS fell to sleep, close to where Jenova landed. The WEAPONS are made of unknown materials. Although, they are probably mechanical, and infused with the finest materia or "Cetra knowledge". The purpose of the WEAPONS never was made clear. Some state they go around the world, killing people so the Planet can use the mako gained to heal itself. I think this is incorrect. I think it is trying to kill Jenova and Shinra, the two main evils on the Planet. They can't get Jenova and Sephiroth in the crater because of the barrier. They can get roaming Jenova cells and Shinra though. Reasons for attacks by specific WEAPONS are in the Overview.

WEAPON Overview

Sapphire WEAPON* - Sapphire WEAPON is the most basic and weak of the WEAPONS. It appears mechanical, but its tail is very biological looking. It mostly travels by sea, slightly submerged, leaving only its spiky back in the air. It has a weak beam attack which can barely damage before a recharge. The beam did allow Tifa to escape Shinra though. Unfortunately, the recharge is also exceptionally long. Its mission was to destroy Shinra, so it headed for a city with Shinra presence on the water. Sapphire WEAPON was destroyed 7 days after Meteor was summoned as it attempted to attack Junon. It was brought down by a Sister Ray shot, artillery (unknown amount), rockets (unknown amount), and a final Sister Ray shot.

Diamond WEAPON - This WEAPON is very powerful. It has very heavy armor and appears to be mechanical. Unlike Sapphire WEAPON, it does not swim, but it has the ability to go through water. It is armed with powerful artillery and a Diamond Ray. Diamond WEAPON's mission was to destroy Shinra. Therefore it headed to the biggest Shinra presence of all. It headed for Midgar. Diamond WEAPON was destroyed shortly after the Sister Ray was moved to Midgar. First, it was attacked by AVALANCHE. It hesitated, finally firing its artillery at Midgar. The Sister Ray shut it down, but not before its deadly attack killed Shinra's president, Rufus.**

Ultimate WEAPON - This WEAPON has caused havoc all over the world. It is mechanical, and flies at high speed. It is heavily armored and can retreat when injured. It is versatile, for it has many spells and weapons at its disposal. Ultimate WEAPON's mission was to destroy Jenova, such as Cloud's Jenova cells. That is why it attacked in Mideel. It had to retreat though. The Ultimate WEAPON was destroyed at Cosmo Canyon after several confrontations with AVALANCHE. In the smouldering crater Ultimate WEAPON left, Cloud Strife found his famous sword, the Ultima Weapon.

Emerald WEAPON - The job of this WEAPON is unclear. It never has attacked a settlement for it stays submerged. It is a very mechanical monster of great power. It uses several beam weapons that can drain HP, MP, or cause instant death with Aire Tam Storm. Still, it was ultimately destroyed by AVALANCHE, leaving an Earth Harp behind.

Ruby WEAPON - The job of this WEAPON is unclear. It never has attacked a settlement for it stays burrowed in the Gold Saucer's famous desert. It leaves its tail on the surface. It is powerful with several spells and attacks. It can drain HP, MP, causes abnormal status, and can bury people in the sand. Ruby WEAPON was destroyed by AVALANCHE leaving a Desert Rose behind.

These are the WEAPONS of the Planet.

BlueJay Productions, Copyright 2000

* - Special thanks to Esarque for providing information about Sapphire WEAPON's name. A reference to Sapphire WEAPON was made in the Japanese version of FFVII.

** - WARNING: ADVENT CHILDREN SPOILER AHEAD. As many FFVII fans may be aware, the release of Advent Children made it clear that Rufus survived Diamond Weapon's attack. However, please note that this page was originally written in 2000, long before AC's release, when the general consensus was that Rufus had been killed.


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