Game Information | Shinra's Defense and Its History

by BlueJay

In an effort to make the world of FF7 seem more alive, I have catagorized Shinra's units and then either given them a history, or find one in the game. I think it makes the game more fun. First, I will give a catagory description, then each Shinra unit in it. I know it is long, but it can be very entertaining. It is almost a fanfic on its own. Note: Some units have better stories than others.

  1. Robot Class
  2. Creature Class
  3. The Soldiers of the Army
  4. The Turk Series
  5. The SOLDIER Series
  6. The Unknown Series
  7. The Airforce
  8. Miscellanious

Robot Class
Shinra's Weapon Developement Division has come up with many effecient killing machines over the company's course. After all, it was a weapon company at one time.

1st Ray - Developed as a way to defend strategic locations in the Great War, Shinra built these immobile robots armed with strong beams of light. They were set up in Midgar's reactors as defense after the war. After AVALANCHE's first bombing however, they were removed and replaced with stronger weapons, having proven to be too weak.

Airbuster - Shinra developed this technosoldier shortly before the AVALANCHE group made their appearance. Its mission is to destroy enemies, then collect data from the defeated unit. If beaten, the Airbuster is programmed to self-destruct as a last effort to destroy the enemy. They are armed with bombs, automatics, and can fire backwards if attacked from behind.

Brain Pod - Hojo meant for these to be experiments, but the idea backfired when they helped slaughter Shinra employees when Sephiroth entered Shinra HQ.

Carry Armor - Shortly after AVALANCHE left Costa De Sol, Shinra developed a replacement for Guard Scorpions in the reactors. Carry Armor has several improvements over its predecessor. First, it does not require a slow targetting computer, it has two arms to pick up and shock enemies, and finally, its Lapis Lazer is several times more powerful than the Tail Lazer. Although it needs to charge, the Carry Armor does not have to be hurt to fire it.

Corvette - See Sword Dance.

Crazysaw - These are the most common robots in Midgar, being in both the HQ and Midgar itself. It is only not present in reactors. It is armed with spikes and a rifle. It was one of the first robots designed by Shinra.

Cromwell - During the Great War, these acted as tanks. A single grenade combatant controls it from the inside as it rapidly fires its perfect shells over the battlefield. When Wutai attempted to invade the Great Continent outside of Base 34A (Rocket Town now sits on this location), five of these tanks destroyed the fleet of ships before Wutai could even land on shore.

Custom Sweeper - There are three known kinds of Sweepers. A prototype Sweeper was released in Reactor No. 1 when it was made known that AVALANCHE had entered. It fired machine guns, but the computer was exposed. A bolt of lightning destroyed it immediately. With this info, the Custom Sweeper was designed. It forms a tight grid around the city of Midgar using machines, smoke shots, and rockets. It also had a rubber insulator around the computer to help stop electric attacks a little. The Death Machine was developed for heavy defense in Junon. It uses machine guns, rockets, smoke, flames, and needles in its attacks. It also has a static field around it and a grounder to provide the highest electric defense possible. It was renamed the Super Sweeper in stores when minatures went on the market.

Eagle Gun - A very new addition to the Shinra's force. It was developed for the sole purpose of protecting a train carrying huge materia in the Corel Mountains. It has high defense due to its equipped Warrior Bangle.

Gas Ducter - Shinra was quite positive that AVALANCHE would attack a train carrying huge materia. Therefore, a robot disguised and a hydrogen duct was produced to make a surprise attack. Only 3 were ever made.

Grosspanzer - Another tank unit with a crew of five Attack Squad members and one senior grunt. It is a mobile SAM site with its missles and an infantry mower with its machine guns. It was developed two years after the war.

Guard Scorpion - Early in the war, Wutai spies enjoyed planting bombs in the reactors on the Great Continent which powered Shinra's bases. With this deadly tactic, Wutai was winning the war. Shinra devised the Guard Scorpian to counter this. When a bomb is detected ten feet from the main valve, it targets the carrier and drops down, attacking with machine guns and its tail. If the enemy actually got a chance to retaliate, he/she was blown away with the Tail Lazer. The Carry Armor replaced the Guard Scorpian in Shinra's final days of glory.

Guard System - When unauthorized civilians or spies alike enter Junon in the wrong places, they meet the guard system. It warns the person once before it fires away with machine guns.

Guardian - This humanoid robot was designed shortly after the Airbuster. It has powerful attacks to protect Midgar. All details withheld.

Gun Carrier - Wutai spies broke into a Shinra War Factory mid-way through the war. They broke a piece of the assembly line so it produced abnormal shells for the Cromwell. Therefore, Shinra made this tank with a cannon capable of firing these shells. It proved to be a failure as the shells were weaker. One grenade combatant can drive them.

Hammer Blaster - Top secret Shinra HQ weapon. Means of its transportation are unknown for it can appear in one place then another even though it is immobile. All details are withheld.

Hard Attacker - In the war, when soldiers failed, hard attackers sped out into the frontlines to smash antone in their path.

Heli Gunner - Another edition to Project: AERO. (See Aero Combatant for info)

Lost Number - Professor Gast created this wonder in the Shinra Mansion. It is in a capsule, locked in a safe, similiar to the ones Hojo used on the Sister Ray. One side loves to beat its enemies. The other was crammed full of materia for magic attacks.

Mono Drive - Designed for reactor defense 1 year after the war, these small robots can alert fellow defenders of intruders. In the center of its head-like part is a small fire materia.

Moth Slasher - Model 3A of the Crazysaw.

Motor Ball - This robot was designed for Midgar as one of the first robots Shinra developed. It is quite fast on its tracks and is used to track down criminals on the road in chases and eliminate them with several fire attacks.

Proud Clod - The Proud Clod was completed 2 days after Meteor was summoned. It is the pride of Scarlet and Heidegger. The incredable robot is heavily armored and is armed with beam cannons, lasers and machine guns. The Gold Saucer uses it as the ultimate boss in the special combat in Battle Square.

Proto Machinegun - It is a weak weapon. The puny thing was developed fifty years before Shinra even came to power by the Northeastern government. It is basically a mounted machine gun.

Rocket Launcher - Developed six years before the war. It is an immobile rocket launcher.

Roulette Cannon - This weapon can be towed around and was used by Wutai during the war. When Wutai lost, Shinra ordered all roulette cannons to be turned over. They now sit at Junon as reminders of the past.

Scrutin Eye - Shinra deploys these on cargo ships to locate stowaways. A high powered ice and fire materia is hidden in the head.

Shadow Maker - Shinra knew AVALANCHE was powerful. So these little robots were built to support other defenders. They zap enemies to slow them down while others attack.

Slalom - Model 56B of the Smogger unit.

Smogger - When hooked up to the reactors they operate in, they draw mako gas waste. This can then be disposed of or blown at an enemy.

Sword Dance - The Swod Dance uses an unknown method to float in the air. It uses its several saw blades as weapons. Mutai invented them, but turned them over to Shinra after losing the war.

Warning Board - Sometimes new employees in the Shinra HQ will get lost and go where they shouldn't be. The Warning Board can give them directions back to their workplace.Of course, if they don't turn back...

Wolfmeister - Hojo found out several secrets from Ifalna. One was a legendary guard Jenova created with a big sword. A smaller version was built from the details to guard a train carrying huge materia. The real unit is called the Iron Man and it protects Jenova in the crater.

Creature Class
Shinra has developed a few creatures to do necessary tasks. Some are trained. Some are experiments.

Bad Rap - Some of these evolutions of Crown Lances squirmed into a crashed Gelnika in the ocean. They are normally very rare. Reno and Rude captured some here and gave them to Hojo who put them in capsules for his own use.

Behemoth - Hojo was always fascinated with the Kalm Fangs (Small purple wolves near Kalm.) He figured what is a better way to appreciate them than to capture and torture them. After months of experimenting, he created Kalm Fangs six times larger and much more aggresive. He deemed them Behemoths. They were trained to roam Midgar and kill members of the famous gang, Vice. It is rumored that Sephiroth took some with him when he came for Jenova. (Reference to King Behemoths in Crater.)

Blood Taste - These are actually Guard Hounds who have been in many battles. Their coats begin to turn red with every battle and they are more aggresive. They travel with the MPs around Midgar, searching and killing criminals.

Dorky Face - Unknown organic/ mechanic unit. Same with mirror. All details are withheld.

Ghirofelgo - When Hojo realized Sephiroth went mad due to his mako/ Jenova humans, he covered it up by altering them. Jenova cells were killed and the legs were removed (so they can't go out and show their secret) and replaced with a sharp blade. Not knowing who or what they are, they crawl around the Shinra Mansion looking for someone to take their anger out on.

Guard Hound - These dog-like creatures roam around Midgar with MPs to provide support against criminals.

Poodler - When born, they are small slugs. But when conditions are right, such as a flooding Gelnika, they can get huge and deadly. Reno and Rude of the Turks brought a few back to Hojo. He stored them in capsules for his own personal use.

Serpent - When Wutai lost the war, Shinra acquired their Leviathan Scales. Some were used to make the serpent, a small clone of Leviathan himself. The rest of the scales are kept in Junon's sub pen. The serpent was to be transported to the Crater to help fight Sephiroth but the Gelnika they were in crashed.

Ying/Yang - Not all of the survivors of Nibelheim survived the Jenova experiments that Hojo performed. The dead people were merged together into two headed zombies. They now roam the Shinra Mansion Basement striving to have a number.

The Soldiers of the Army
The soldiers make up the backbone of Shinra's evil plan. Striking fear into the hearts of people they pass, they march proudly and hope to become famous like Sephiroth one day.

Aero Combatant - The extensive use of materia on the Western Continent changed the southern half into a mountain range. Wutai soldiers would stand on the cliffs and attack Shinra's army as they climbed. Therefore, Heidegger started Project: AERO. Special soldiers were trained to use a personal propeller to fly up the side of the cliff quickly. They would then be supported by Heli Gunners. Wutai soldiers had two choices: Jump off the cliff to their death or by skewered by the Aero Combatants. Now they participate in missions that require high speed attacks and manuverability, such as bringing down a pillar. Each soldier has a potion for emergencies.

Attack Squad - These soldiers make up the largest group in Shinra's army. They are the ultimate regular fighters with machine guns, grenades, and a smoke piece on the gun to knock out the enemy.

Captain - The captains are really promoted Attack Squads. The only difference is that they are well protected by Shinra Alpha armor and can command a squad of their own.

Grenade Combatants - These soldiers came about when it was discovered that Wutai perphered using molotov cocktails in the Great War. In reply, the grenade birgade was founded. The soldiers carried daggers, machine guns, and anti-personal grenades. They now protect the Shinra HQ. During battle, Grenade Combatants got hit by shrapnel from their own grenades, To ease pain, they always carry a tranquilizer.

Grunt - The Grunt was developed about 3/4 through the war when Shinra had taken over the southern part of the Western Continent. They are very good at what they do. Dodging shots are easy for them. Since the rest of Shinra's objectives took place on the flat plains of northern Wutai, the grunt was equipped with the beam gun. When fired, it could travel 7 miles before dissapating. Enemies were mowed down by the hundreds. Unfortunately, the beam gun had a huge recoil that only Grunts could handle. So no other soldier could handle them.

Manhole - Actually, they are cililian maitinance workers in red suites. When danger comes though, they will throw the sewer covers like frisbees and duck back into the sewers below.

Marine - Shinra had its drawbacks though. After Shinra secured the Great Continent by the first quarter of the war, they prepared an invasion of the Western Continent. Marines were trained to attack Wutai directly, as a first wave, followed by other forces. Thousands were loaded onto transports armed with machine guns and grenades. They were also protected by the high class Shinra Beta, the prototype of the Shinra Alpha. When, they landed outside Wutai, they were killed while trying to exit the boats. Thousands were killed. Eventually, an encursion was made on the southern tip of the Western Continent below Wutai Base 4 and the town of Yamato (This town was destroyed later of course.) Now marines just load and unload cargo from ships and catch stowaways.

Mighty Grunt - During the final battle in the city of Saikso, in the middle part of the Western Continent (Of course, it wasn't mountains at the time.) The Mighty Grunts fired their twin machine guns into the fray, taking fire like it was pebbles. When damage to the armor was severe, it was blown away from the grunt. He would then slash at the enemy with blades on his knuckles. They are now defending the Shinra HQ.

MP - These units make up the main defense of Midgar. They travel in groups of two or three, or with a Guard Hound or Blood Taste. They are very inexperienced. They make systematic attacks using their machine gun and knuckle blocks. They have nightsticks but rarely use them.

Senior Grunt - See Special Combatant

Special Combatant - When Grunts made several kills in battle, and increased their strength, they were promoted to Special Combatants. They got the beam gun, but also recieved the wave weapon. It helped make a better attack and had a stronger recoil. In the last battle of the war, the Fifth Battle for Wutai, the most powerful of the series were introduced. Five Special Combatants recieved the Harrier Beam. A super weapon that requires a lot of strength to use. They made more kills than even the Cromwells made. Now the Senior Grunts protect the Underwater Reactor and lead squads of troops in special missions.

Submarine Crew - These marines are trained to pilot submarines. They have machine guns and hand grenades.

Underwater MP - MPs are sometimes tested. If they can survive in high pressure, they are promoted to Underwater MP. They are protected by the great armor, Shinra Alpha, and carry grenades and a machine gun.

The Turk Series
The Turks is an organization in Shinra commanded by Heidegger. They run special missions and look for SOLDIER candidates.

Tseng - He is not fought. He has no weapon. He commands the Turks till he dies in the Temple.

Vincent - A member of the Turks a generation ago, he is armed with a gun. He was shot by Hojo and was experimented on.

Reno - Long time member, he is armed with a nightstick.

Rude - He's a silent Turk. He uses his fists and some materia. He is protected by a Ziedrich under his suit.

Elena - She uses rare materia and is quite lively. She is very loyal but tends to give away the Turks mission. She is protected by a Minerva Band under her suit.

The SOLDIER Series
SOLDIER is Shinra's most powerful group of people. They train their whole lives. They are injected with Jenova cells and showered with mako.

3rd Class - The 3rd Class is the lowest. They are required to use a Hardedge and are very fast. Unlike the other classes, they can be manipulated. Currently protects the Shinra HQ. All but SOLDIER 3rd can't get negative effects.

2nd Class - This class uses a better sword that has materia slots. Their skills are better and they are faster. Currently protects Junon.

1st Class - This class is the most powerful and trains the 3rd Class. Each member gets a custom made sword with two materia slots and high powered materia. SOLDIER 1st Class members take very special missions. They currently protect Midgar.

The Unknown Series
The Unknowns were created with genetics. They were supposed to be sent to the Crater to beat Sephiroth. This all happened so fast that the Unknowns were never given names. To get to the crater, they were flown on a Gelnika, but a WEAPON sunk it. All Unknowns can not have negative effects and they have no weaknesses.

Unknown - Like 2, they give you the look of death. They attack with their tail... err... tongue.

Unknown 2 - In the middle of its flower like head, is a skull with its tongue hanging out. Its many attacks can cause severe negative status.

Unknown 3 - Using its hands to float like a ghost, it can attack with its hanging mount and poison and touch you.

The Airforce
Shinra has a few aircraft types.

Highwind - Doesn't have it for long, but it has missles and three transformations.

Tiny Bronco Class - These are fast aircraft. When equipped with machine guns, they strafed down many units in the Great War.

Gelnika - This huge craft is nothing but Shinra's transport. Bombs can be equipped though. Gelnikas bomb destroyed Wutai's Bases 7, 9, and 11 on the great Continent. Also Base 2 on the Western Continent.

Helicopter - Used for transports. Machine guns and missles can be equipped. Used a lot in the battle of Condor, the only Great War battle fought on the Eastern Continent.

These units are different or not really military units. But they are of Shinra and fought.

Train Station Guard - These guys are not trained at all. They basically show up and are hired. They have a dagger and a nightstick. But they swing with their fists most of the time in a fight. Cloud found out early on that they keep a potion or two with them.

Dark Nation - Rufus's own dog. Dark nation is very intelligent and can even use materia. He was killed trying to protect his master from Cloud.

Rufus - This Prez has an additude. He stands there in his white coat, and fires his shotgun now and then.

Palmer - He isn't into battle much. Decided he could take you with a mako gun though.

Hojo - Hojo would just throw capsules and let them attack after getting some Jenova. After it takes effect, he becomes a blob od twisted flesh, with a few random attacks called Helletic Hojo. Lifeform Hojo does combos with negative effects.

There you have it. Shinra's power here on your screen. Whew! That was hard.

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