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Site strategist BlueJay writes that Tifa can be seen in Xenogears. "A picture of Tifa can be seen in Xenogears. In the Solaris capital, there is an apartment with a child playing with a remote controlled gear. On the wall behind his parents is a picture of a woman with long brunette hair, grey tanktop, short black shorts, and posed just like Tifa with legs slightly apart and one hand on her waist like in the game booklet. Not much detail, but it is definitely her." Cheers for that info, BlueJay!

Chocobo Racing

There are several unlockable characters in this game, one of which is Cloud Strife on his Hardy Daytona motorcycle. To get him, the Story Mode must be completed five times. Other hidden characters in Chocobo Racing include Squall (from FFVIII), a Moomba (also from from FFVIII), Aya (from Parasite Eve), and a Cactuar.

Final Fantasy VIII

A few small, yet notable, references to FFVII appear in Final Fantasy VIII:

Zell's Limit Breaks
FFVIII's fighter character Zell Dincht has a number of "Duel" limit breaks which he can learn. Two of these—Dolphin Blow and Final Heaven—have the same names as a couple of Tifa's limit breaks, while a third one is called Meteor Barret, presumably after FFVII's Barret Wallace.

Cloud's Shop
In Esthar's shopping district, there is an item store called "Cloud's Shop", a reference to FFVII's Cloud Strife.

Ultima Weapon's Ultima Weapon
In the Deep Sea Deposit beneath the Research Center, you can find a very tough optional boss called Ultima Weapon. If you look closely, you may notice that the sword Ultima Weapon uses bears an uncanny resemblence to Cloud's own Ultima Weapon.

Final Fantasy IX

Although there are no FFVII characters appearing in Final Fantasy IX, there are several references to the former game. Here are some of the most notable ones:

"Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony"
During one of the "Active Time Events" in Final Fantasy IX, the player can see a brief scene of the Tantalus troupe passing the time by playing this march—which is, of course, from the Welcoming Ceremony bit in FFVII.

A "Spiky-Haired" Sword User
Also present in FFIX is a reference to Cloud Strife. In the city of Lindblum, Zidane can examine a large sword on the wall of the weapon shop. While doing so, he remarks that he remembers "a guy with spiky hair" who used such a sword. While the sword on the shop wall that he's referring to bears only a passing resemblance to the Buster Sword, the reference to Cloud is unmistakable.

Beatrix's Climhazzard
Beatrix, the tough-as-nails knight from Alexandria, boasts a number of special, powerful attacks. One of these, "Climhazzard", gets its name from one of Cloud's limit breaks.

"No Cloud, No Squall"
Yes, another one from FFIX! During the play "I Want To Be Your Canary" that takes place toward the end of the game, Marcus says the following line: "No cloud, no squall, shall hinder us!" Of course, this is a reference to the main characters of FFVII and FFVIII, Cloud Strife and Squall Leonheart.

Final Fantasy X and X-2

Cait Sith makes an appearance in Final Fantasy X, although not as the very animated cat we know in FFVII. In Final Fantasy X, "Cait Sith" is a type of doll wielded by the game's black mage, Lulu. Cait Sith dolls can usually be distinguished by their status attack attributes. Lulu also fights with dolls in the forms of Moogles, Moombas, Cactuars, and Pupus, and each of these dolls has special attributes.

In the game's sequel, Cait Sith appears again, this time as a large costume worn by Rikku when she's equipped with the "Mascot" dressphere. The other Mascot outfits are a Moogle for Yuna and a Tonberry for Paine.

Also in Final Fantasy X-2: the youngest member of the Gullwings is an Al Bhed boy named Shinra. This boy is a prodigious inventor who creates various devices for Yuna and her friends. Shinra's name is, needless to say, a homage to the Shinra Corporation in FFVII. In fact, Shinra's presence in FFX-2 has helped to fuel speculation that FFX/X-2's Spira and FFVII's Planet are somehow connected.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

In this Game Boy Advance title, the main character and his clan can purchase various types of weapons, some of which share names with famous weapons from previous Final Fantasy titles. Naturally, one of these weapons is the Buster Sword; other familiar weapon names from FFVII present in FFTA include Apocalypse and Heaven's Cloud.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

This Nintendo DS game is an RPG centered around fairy tale books, each one with a Final Fantasy twist. Cait Sith appears in a book titled "Unicorn and the Town Musicians" where he speaks with an Irish accent, much like his AC counterpart. Cait also appears on "pop up cards" that are used during special battles; on these cards, Cait wields weapons ranging from a megaphone to his FFVII ultimate weapon, the HP Shout.

Also noteworthy is Chocobo Tales' soundtrack, which largely consists of remixed tracks from classic Final Fantasy games. FFVII is well represented here with "Chocobo Racing - Place Your Bets" (used in the menus for all of the picture books), "Fiddle de Chocobo" (heard in some minigames), and "Mako Reactor" (heard in the Technolith).

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