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Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

Last Order is a 25-minute OAV (Original Animated Video) featured on the bonus DVD included in the Advent Pieces limited edition box set; it is also included in the "Collector's Edition" released in North America in February 2007. This OAV, produced by Square Enix and revered animation studio Mad House, is said to be tied in with Crisis Core's setting; in fact, an early CC trailer consisted of clips from Last Order.

Based on scenes from Final Fantasy VII, Last Order's story follows Zack as he and Cloud escape from Nibelheim, and also recaps Sephiroth's torching of the town. Along with Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth, a number of other characters make appearances, including Tifa, Zangan, Tifa's father, Hojo, and the Turks.

Although Last Order is beautifully animated and even recycles some key dialogue from Final Fantasy VII itself (including Tifa's classic "...I hate them all!" line), there are a number of scenes which contradict the very same events as they were presented in the original game. What follows is a list of the most prominent contradictions:

Nibelheim Aflame - In FFVII, Cloud is laying on the ground unconscious as Zack searches the town. In Last Order (LO), Cloud is fully conscious. Here, Zack orders Cloud to help out Zangan in the town while he goes to the reactor.

Tifa's Dad - In FFVII, Tifa's dad is slain by Sephiroth inside the Mako reactor, near the entrance to the pod room. In LO, Tifa's dad is slain outside of the reactor.

Tifa's Rescue - In FFVII, during the "true" Nibelheim flashback in the Lifestream, we see that after Tifa is injured in the pod room by Sephiroth, she falls unconscious, and Zack runs past her toward Jenova's room. Later, Cloud picks up the unconscious Tifa and sets her off to the side, then takes Zack's Buster Sword to go after Sephiroth. In LO, Tifa is stirred into consciousness during both of these events, and even talks to Zack and Cloud. This is an important contradiction because, considering the events in FFVII, Tifa was not supposed to know that Cloud was in Nibelheim during that time, and actually doesn't find out until five years later, when she's in the Lifestream with Cloud.

Cloud vs. Sephiroth - There are a number of contradictions here. In the original FFVII, Cloud follows Sephiroth into the room with the Mako pit, where Sephiroth stabs him; Cloud then takes hold of the SOLDIER's blade and flings Sephiroth, his Masamune, and Jenova's head into the Mako. LO's version of this event is much more drawn out, as well as troublesome in regards to the original game's canon. Here, Cloud rushes Sephiroth in the opposite direction—to the top of the stairs in the pod room. Sephiroth still stabs Cloud, but this time, flings him into the Mako pit room. Sephiroth then stabs him a second time, which is when Cloud takes hold of the blade and flings him; however, instead of the Mako pit, Sephiroth crashes into some pipes, and the Masamune remains lodged in Cloud's chest. As in the game, Sephiroth is astonished by Cloud's strength, but then he falls into the Mako pit of his own free will.

Jenova's Helmet - The inscription on the helmet in LO is noticeably different from the one appearing in FFVII. For further information, see this page.

Zack and Cloud's Journey - In FFVII, Zack changes Cloud into his old SOLDIER outfit before the scene in the back of the yellow pickup truck. In LO's version of the pickup truck scene, Cloud is still in his MP uniform.

Written by Reeve, September 2005. Special thanks to the FFVII Citadel Forums community. Last updated October 2005.


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